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Acne Treatment
Acne Treatment in Delhi

Best Acne Treatment in Delhi

Acne is a common skin issue and can be managed with the help of diagnosis and treatment provided by the expert dermatologist like, Dr. Nivedita Dadu at Dadu Medical Centre, skin treatment clinic in Delhi/NCR

One can experience acne or skin blemishes at some point in their life. About 80% of people aged between 11 to 30 are the victims of at least mild acne. Acne is the most common skin inflammatory condition that begins in adolescence and may remain during adulthood; hence it can be seen in people of all age groups and gender. It occurs when the hair follicles present in the skin dermis get clogged with sebum, dead skin cells, bacteria, and dirt. This mostly appears on the face, forehead, shoulders, chest, and upper back. It is a source of emotional distress and also low self-confidence as it affects the skin tone and texture. Best skin doctor in Delhi, Dr. Nivedita Dadu provides treatment for acne after proper diagnosis of the root cause of the disease and then provides a suitable treatment plan to cure the problem.


What causes acne?

There are several causes of acne. A surge in active androgen hormones largely found among teenagers and young adults when combined with bacterial growth on the skin and fatty acids produced by the oil glands can result in acne.Increased oil production can be a reason for clogging of pores. Clogged pores have free fatty acid formation which is perfect sight for bacterial infection and results in inflammation.


What are the factors that can cause acne?

  • The factors that can cause acne or/and make it dreadful are:
  • Fluctuation of hormones during puberty, pregnancy, or menopause
  • Pricking, rubbing, or scratching of acne 
  • Stress (as it can raise the level of cortisol hormone, thereby causing acne to flare)
  • Genetics
  • Certain medications like birth control pills (Pills containing only progestrone) and corticosteroids
  • Excessive use of oily or greasy cosmetics 
  • Environmental conditions like air pollution and high humid weather
  • Improper lifestyle habits- a diet rich in carbohydrates, dairy etc
Acne Treatment in Delhi
What are the different types of acne?

There are several different types of acne. Acne can be mild (episodic pimples), moderate (inflammatory papules), or severe (cysts and nodules) says the best skin specialist in Delhi at Dadu Medical Centre in Delhi, at multiple locations Vasant Vihar (South Delhi),  Rajouri Garden (West Delhi). Some types are inflammatory and can lead to scarring while others are non-inflammatory. The several forms of acne are

  • Blackheads (open comedones)- Black raised spots on the skin because the pores are clogged with dead skin cells and oil glands.
  • Whiteheads (closed comedones)- White bumps on the skin that are formed by the closing of the pores with oil and dead skin. It remains underneath the skin.
  • Papules- Small, red, or pink, raised bumps formed due to inflammation or infection of hair follicles in the skin.
  • Pustules- Pus-filled pimples with red outer rings and white center that can cause scarring if scratched or pricked. 
  • Nodules- Large, painful lumps of skin that penetrate deep within the skin.
  • Cyst- Pus-filled nodules that can lead to scarring.


Some people may also have Pityrosporum folliculitis (a fungal form of acne) because of excess yeast blocking the hair follicles, thereby making the skin itchy and inflamed. Treatment for fungal acne in Delhi is available at Dadu Medical Centre.

What are the most effective acne treatments in Delhi?
Acne if left untreated can develop dark marks and scars affecting the patient's self-image and confidence. Dr. Nivedita Dadu, best acne doctor in Delhi understands her patient's concerns and offers them the best treatment for acne removal in Delhi according to their skin and concern type. Dr. Nivedita Dadu provides the best approach which involves prompt acne management and makes sure that one is able to get clear acne-free skin.


Dadu Medical Centre, the best skin clinic in Delhi, India provides the following acne treatments in Delhi

1. Antibiotics therapy for acne
Topical antibiotics are prescribed to control the bacteria on the skin surface and prevent the inflammation of acne. This also helps in reducing the redness of the skin. This will not allow antibiotic resistance. Oral antibiotics can also be given to treat moderate to severe types of acne.


2. Teenage Peel for acne treatment in Delhi 
This treatment is designed for teenagers who have mild acne. This is an amazing peel that reduces acne, blackheads, open pores, post-acne pigmentation, and scars. It is the best teenage acne treatment in Delhi.


3. Acne Clean Up treatment in Delhi 
Acne Clean Up is designed to clean the skin that has superficial blemishes and it also unclogs and cleanses pores and makes the skin acne-free.


4. Microdermabrasion with diamond polishing in Delhi
This treatment removes comedonal acne, tanning, and uneven skin tone. At Dadu Medical Centre, best acne treatment clinic in Delhi, Vasant Vihar (South Delhi) the treatment is combined with chemical peels and lasers to cure acne effectively.


5. Acne Zap Laser (Laser acne treatment in Delhi)
This is the best pimple removal treatment in Delhi performed for all age groups to get rid of pesky zits and acne quickly without any downtime. The treatment uses a combination of non-ablative laser technology with simultaneous contact cooling and vacuum technology to treat acne including pustules, and nodules along with a gentle rejuvenation effect. After lasers, metabolic peels are also applied to the skin for effective and immediate results. The deep exfoliation technology of Diamond microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells, enhances blood circulation, increases collagen production, and encourages lymphatic drainage, and makes the skin look brighter, beautiful, and ultra-clear acne-free.


6. Acne Erase treatment in Delhi 
Acne can cause emotional disturbance and cause anxiety in people with this condition. If one is suffering from teenage or adult acne this treatment is best for them. The treatment helps in the deep cleansing of the skin thus leaving behind clear and smooth skin.


7. Acne Check Peel in Delhi 
It is an advanced chemical peeling solution that uses fruit peels to remove acne and blemishes. For the treatment after cleansing the skin, comedone removal is done after which the first single coat of acne check peel is applied. This peel is for most difficult acne and is a proven treatment that cures acne conditions.


The cost of acne removal treatment in Delhi, Vasant vihar depends on various parameters like concern and treatment used to treat the problem. 


8. Acne check Treatment
Acne check treatment is a fruit peel solution based on anti-acne ingredients. Initially, the cleansing of skin and comedones removal is done along with which the first coat of acne check peel is applied. You may experience a slight stinging sensation which will pass after a few minutes Acne check peel is used for most difficult acne and to for deep cleansing of skin and has proven to work very effectively on acne and comedones both

9. Carbon laser peel in Delhi 
In carbon laser peel treatment in Delhi, the excess oils are removed by shrinking of sebum glands, and the bacteria causing acne are killed due to thermal energy produced by lasers. During the procedure, a thin layer of carbon (charcoal) is first applied over the treatment site and evenly distributed. Next, the laser is focused precisely on the target area which gets absorbed by the charcoal and activates it. This results in deep exfoliation of the dead skin cells destroyed by the heating effect of the laser along with carbon particles. Simultaneously, there is a boost in the production of fresh collagen in the skin and also the promotion of radiant and glowing skin. The overall skin structure is strengthened and also the open comedones are cleared and purified.


10. Silk Peel 
The Silk Peel dermal infusion facial is a skin resurfacing treatment that exfoliates dead skin cells by applying tailored serums to treat specific skin conditions including acne. To start the procedure, first cleansing of the face is done to get rid of any make-up, oil, or dirt that has accumulated on the skin. Next, we use a diamond tip which creates closed-loop suction onto skin upon contact. It instantly lifts skin for extraction and abrasion by a recessed exfoliating diamond tip. At the same time, gas pressure infuses the skin with customized serums. So, Silk Peel eliminates time-gaps between exfoliation and serum application for optimum infusion and retention.


11. Modified Photofacial
The Modified Photofacial is a quick and superficial treatment that contains a chemical peel as well as an Advanced fluorescent technology. The peel helps to refresh the skin by lifting any dead skin cells and also stimulates the metabolism of the cells underneath, combating acne bacteria deep down. The light energy is used to improve skin cell turnover. Unlike lasers, an intense pulsed light device sends out more than one wavelength of pulsating light. It can treat a range of skin conditions at the same time. After the treatment, your skin tone will be more even, as it works on post acne redness as well. 

Are you searching for the best acne treatment doctor near you? Book a consultation with Dr. Nivedita Dadu at Dadu Medical Centre in Delhi, at multiple locations Vasant Vihar (South Delhi),  Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) to get the best acne treatment in Delhi.

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