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DMC-Age Erase®

Aging affects every single cell of the body. As time passes, the body cells mature, and that changes many aspects of the human body. Aging is something every living being has to experience, and as stated earlier, every living being has to experience the different impacts caused by aging.

Age Erase - The best Anti-aging Treatment in Delhi

Anti Ageing Treatment In Delhi

Aging affects every single cell, organ, body metabolism, and hormonal regulation. Aging also causes dry skin, hair loss, and immune suppression. Although the vital functions of the organs may not be corrected completely, there are some effects of aging that can be corrected, like wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.


The major aging effects like wrinkles and dark spots may sometimes affect before the time due to several factors. One of the major factors for wrinkles is excessive UV exposure. Another reason is reduced collagen production. Today’s lifestyle and eating habits do not contain enough nutrients to nourish the body and skin properly. This is surely a very common reason for early aging effects. Smoking and drinking alcohol excessively has become a major cause too. Overuse of cosmetic products on the skin also causes wrinkles and other aging effects. However, many of them use make-up to cover up the fine lines or wrinkles on the skin that ends up causing permanent damage to the skin. Whether or not the aging effects are premature, there are different treatments available to cure the wrinkles on the skin to reduce the impact of aging on the skin. One can opt for an effective laser treatment for anti ageing in Delhi at Dadu Medical Centre in Delhi, which has multiple locations in Vasant Vihar, South Delhi & Rajouri Garden, West Delhi.

Age Erase - The best Anti-aging Treatment in Delhi
Why is DMC-Age Erase® The Best Anti Aging Treatment in Delhi?

Laser treatment is most popularly used to get rid of wrinkles or fine lines due to aging permanently. To reverse aging ablative non-fractional laser treatment is very effective. Since wrinkles are formed when skin loses its elasticity with age, so wrinkles can't be just treated superficially, that is why ablative non-fractional laser is used, which removes the dead skin layer and deeply nourishes the skin by stimulating new cells formation.


Ablative laser treatment is considered more vigorous, which is important to treat wrinkled skin, and combined with a non-fractional laser procedure, it becomes even more effective.


This laser treatment is also referred to as skin resurfacing treatments. Being highly vigorous, the heat produced by laser destructs the outer layer of skin and then reaches the inner layer damaging the skin layer beneath, which stimulates the collagen and new cell layer formation. The area to be treated is larger in case of resurfacing treatment so, and the procedure may take 1-2 hours. After required sessions of treatment, a long-lasting result is achieved. This treatment is virtually pain-free. Only slight discomfort can be felt during the procedure that is tried to be reduced by using cooling compressors during and after the procedure. Sometimes numbing gels can be applied to reduce the discomfort, in the case of some patients who have much sensitive skin.

The ideal candidate for DMC-age erase® treatment

  1. Someone who is looking for textural improvement, have fine lines and has early signs of ageing can opt for this treatment.

Pre-treatment care

  1. Try to avoid direct sun exposure as much as possible.
  2. Any rough exfoliation should be avoided.
  3. The doctor may ask for the patient's medical history in case any medication is being consumed by the patient that may affect the treatment.

Post-treatment care

  1. Patient may experience a little discomfort on the skin, which can be avoided by cooling gels.
  2. Do not pick the crust that may form on the skin during initial sessions of treatment.
  3. Regularly follow the skincare routine as prescribed by the doctor, if any.
  4. Keep the skin moisturized using the chemical-free moisturizer to be applied after 3-4 days of the procedure.
  5. Wash facial skin using cold water only (avoid hot or warm water for some days).
  6. Maintenance sessions are required for long-term results.

Benefits of DMC-Age Erase® - The Best Anti Aging Treatment in Delhi

  1. This treatment provides long-lasting results.

  2. Minimize sun damage and fine lines.

  3. Stimulating collagen and elastin production for firmer and more youthful skin
  4. No downtime is required after this procedure.
  5. This procedure is suitable for any skin type.

To know more about anti ageing treatment in Delhi, please visit Dadu Medical Centre. We provide services in West Delhi (Rajouri Garden) and South Delhi (Vasant Vihar).

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