Pixel Perfect - The Dark Lips Reduction

Pixel Perfect

Pixel Perfect is a very effective laser-based treatment used to treat dark lips. Pink-colored soft lips are something everyone desires for. Along with providing a beautiful appearance, lip color also plays an important role in providing information about one’s health.

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Pixel Perfect - The Dark Lips Reduction

Dark Lip Reduction Treatment

Lips do not have so many layers compared to other body skin area parts, and that is why lips look pink, a color different from the rest of the skin. Rosy pink lips indicate the perfect healthy body, while pale or white lips may indicate a lack of hemoglobin or oxygen or major iron deficiency in the body. Dark red or blue lips may indicate that the body needs detoxification, and darker lips (almost blackish) indicated that the body might have digestive issues, or it may be due to smoking or excessive drug abuse habits.


What Causes Dark Lips?

To change the color of lips according to personal taste, there are thousands of different lip color shades that can be used. But in some cases, when the patient has very dark lips (which could be due to several reasons), the brighter lip shades may not look the way they should. In those cases, permanent treatment for lip color reduction is preferred. Apart from the age and genetic effects, many different factors can cause the lips to turn dark. Lack of oxygen or hemoglobin and lack of iron is a very common factor these days. Nutrient deficiency is another equally important factor. Excessive sun exposure also leads to the darkening of lips. Some medications and drugs can also turn the lips darker, like some antibiotics, cytotoxic drugs, medications with heavy metals present in them, etc. In some people, allergic reactions (from lipstick, rubber, antibiotics, leather, latex, etc.) can also cause this effect. Few ladies may experience lips darkening during pregnancy also. Excessive drinking of alcohol, coffee, and excessive smoking are other factors leading to the darkening of lips. Sometimes stress also becomes one of the factors.


The best Dark Lips Treatment in Delhi

Different treatment methods can be used to reduce the dark color of lips. Darkened lips can be treated chemically to get quicker results, but chemical treatment may cause some adverse effects. Some patients may react differently to the chemical treatment due to some adverse chemical reactions. To avoid such risks, patients usually go for laser-based treatment, which is painless and effective at the same time.


In this technology, the laser beam is used, which penetrates deep into the skin. Microthermal zones are formed by the emitted beam of laser light that forms the fractionated thermal zones. The laser penetrates the surface at these zones and removes the upper layers of skin. Now the darkened tissues are removed, and new cells begin to form. The body repairs the damaged tissues at microthermal zones through a natural healing process. Now new cells are formed, and collagen formation is stimulated.


Long-term results can be achieved through this treatment. The patient needs to go for maintenance appointments later to keep the skin healing and avoid further damage to tissues that turn the tissues dark in color. The maintenance appointments within 2 months are required, which can be extended to 6 months and then yearly according to the results that vary among the patients as the different body takes different time to heal the tissues.


Who is an Ideal candidate for dark lips treatment with Pixel Perfect?

  • This treatment works best for anyone who wants to reduce the dark color of lips due to aging or any factor but had bright-colored lips earlier.
  • Want to make the lips look plumper and lighter in the shade.

Benefits of Pixel Perfect Treatment for Dark Lips 

  • This treatment method is extremely precise and focused.
  • Only specific zones are treated, and the surrounding tissues remain unharmed and also provide nourishment for healing. 
  • This treatment is best suited for lips as it improves color as well as texture because new skin is being formed, which gives a softer texture to the lips.
  • This is a painless treatment procedure and causes minimal discomfort to the patient.
  • Long-term results are achieved by this procedure.

Pre-treatment care

  • The doctor interrogates the full medical history of the patient to avoid any complexions during the treatment.
  • Retinol creams may be provided before the treatment to enhance collagen production already.
  • Any exfoliation or harsh treatment on lips before treatment may cause discomfort during the treatment.
  • Sun exposure needs to be avoided. 

Post-treatment care

  • Cooling pads should be applied from time to time to avoid any discomfort.
  • Medications are provided to the patient by the doctor for quicker healing and to offer quick results.
  • After a week, retinol creams can be applied.
  • Avoid touching the treated part.
  • In case of any discomfort that continues for a week or so, then immediately contact your doctor.
  • Direct sun exposure should always be avoided.

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