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DMC-Insta Regan®

Aging takes a toll on the skin. As one grows older, the skin becomes thinner, loses fat, and no longer appears smooth, evenly-toned, and plump as it used to be. The underlying veins and bones may become prominent and any wounds or bumps on the skin may take longer time to heal. Thankfully, those who are suffering from premature skin aging issues can restore their youthfulness for the long term with the help of professional DMC-Insta Regen® anti-aging treatment in Delhi performed at Dadu Medical Centre. Scientifically, anti-aging refers to preventing, delaying, or reversing the inevitable aging process in the human body.  

To date, although there is no fountain of youth, there are minimally-invasive anti-aging treatments that are gentle on the skin but tougher on all premature skin aging concerns. One such is DMC-Insta Regen®, an exclusive anti-aging treatment in Vasant Vihar (South Delhi), and Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) performed at Dadu Medical Centre.

DMC-Insta Regan
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What is DMC-Insta Regen®?

DMC-Insta Regen® is a revolutionary, minimally-invasive laser therapy designed by the skincare experts at Dadu Medical Centre. It involves the use of a combination of two non-ablative, FDA-approved lasers. Mostly, it is used to treat aging concerns in various areas of the body mostly the face and neck. 

Indications for DMC-Insta Regen®

There are several signs of aging that one can experience in life and can be best treated with DMC-Insta Regen®. These include:

  • Dark spots.
  • Dull or dehydrated skin.
  • Sagging skin.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Uneven tone, rough, or pigmented skin.
  • Age spots (liver spots or lentigos).
  • Skin laxity.
  • Sun-damaged skin.
  • Open pores.

Other than skin rejuvenation, DMC-Insta Regen® skin rejuvenating treatment in Delhi performed at Dadu Medical Centre can even treat other aesthetic dermal indications such as uneven tone and post inflammatory pigmentation. 

Ideal candidates for DMC-Insta Regen®

  • People who are suffering from premature aging issues or any other cosmetic concern like sun spots and acne; those who do not suffer from any active illnesses including infections or allergies.
  • Individuals who are aged above 18 years and have the right skin type.
  • People who are committed to leading a healthy lifestyle and following a good skincare regime. 
  • People who must be in a good state of health and mind. 
  • Non-smokers.
  • Non-pregnant women and non-lactating mothers.
DMC-Insta Regan

How does it work?

The clearskin laser is a 1540 nm fractional erbium: glass laser that uses powerful, targeted light wave energy to improve the aging issues at once and reveal radiant, youthful skin. This laser technique works to generate heat that is passed onto deeper skin layers and has an in-built vacuum suction mechanism as well as a support cooling system to gently cleanse the superficial skin. By penetrating under the skin's surface, this laser can quickly heal and regenerate the areas affected by aging or other factors without destroying or harming the top of the skin via collagen and elastin remodeling.

Combination of both the lasers address concerns without causing thermal damage or coagulation in the surrounding tissue. DMC-Insta Regen® involves the use of a pixel handpiece for skin rejuvenation with variable depth control abilities. It can be used to combine both superficial and deep treatment approaches depending on the skin type, the indication, or the areas being treated. It employs a fractionated delivery method to create pixel-sized perforations in a non-ablative pattern. These micro-wounded sites trigger the wound-healing process that strengthens collagen and stimulates new collagen production, hence entirely rejuvenating the targeted tissue. 

To get the benefits of DMC-Insta Regen® laser skin anti-aging treatment in Delhi, make a visit now with the skin experts at the state of the art dermatology clinic Dadu Medical Centre located in Vasant Vihar (South Delhi), and Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) performed at Dadu Medical Centre.

What to expect?

Before starting the treatment, in the first appointment, a patch test will be performed by the skin expert on the affected skin to ensure that the skin is suitable to be treated with concerned technology. A few weeks leading to the laser session, the candidates must keep their skin sun-protected. These advanced laser devices have an integrated contact cooling system to minimize discomfort.

During the treatment, the doctor holds the laser handheld device to the skin, moving it across the treatment site giving multiple passes in different directions to ensure that the whole area is evenly covered.

Following the treatment, the candidates may expect to experience slight redness or stinging for a few hours. The treated area must be kept clean and a soothing ointment must be applied.  To achieve the maximum desired results, the candidates must undergo multiple laser sessions scheduled few weeks apart, depending upon the severity of their skin condition. 


  • Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 and above to avoid post-treatment hyperpigmentation. Sun-protect the treated area by avoiding sun exposure and using tanning beds. Also, avoid anything that could heat the skin or cause sweating such as saunas, hot baths, steam rooms, and vigorous physical activities for the next 24 hours. 
  • Keep the skin well-moisturized and hydrated by drinking plenty of water and applying suitable skin moisturizers. 
  • Avoid touching, rubbing, scratching, or even picking and scabbing the treated skin. Be gentle with the treatment site. 
  • Do not apply makeup or use any irritating skin care products as per doctors instruction. 
  • Avoid the use of anti-pigmentation or anti-aging creams as well as topical exfoliation or parlor activities for a few days after the treatment as well as at least a week before the treatment to minimize the risk of complications. 

To know more about DMC-Insta Regen® anti-aging treatment, make a visit now at Dadu Medical Centre, best anti-aging treatment clinic in Vasant Vihar (South Delhi), and Rajouri Garden (West Delhi).

Benefits of DMC-Insta Regen®

  • Offers the latest and most sophisticated treatment protocols.

  • Unlike other laser therapies, DMC-Insta Regen® treatment uses advanced lasers that can provide quick remedies and high-efficacy results. The laser is unparalleled in its power and versatility. It holds unique depth control capabilities for precise and accurate treatment and includes fractionated delivery to deal with a wide range of aesthetic indications.  
  • Non-Invasive and painless treatment.
  • A safe therapy.
  • Minimal downtime.
  • Provides perfect deep skin rejuvenation.
  • Boosts self-esteem and self-confidence by creating a youthful appearance.   

Make a visit now at Dadu Medical Centre to know more about DMC-Insta Regen® anti-aging treatment cost in Delhi, consult with the expert dermatologist in Vasant Vihar (South Delhi), and Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) at Dadu Medical Centre.

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