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Worried about hair loss and receding hairline?

Mesotherapy can be the best solution to regain the lost luster and volume of hair! Individuals often lose their self-confidence as they experience loss of hair by hair fall, hair and bald patches on their scalp. Most men and women cannot withstand the loss and end up panicking and spending a lot of their money and time on different home remedies and other treatments. In many cases, this may lead to more shedding of hair due to stress and make one feel depressed about their look. Mesotherapy is one such treatment that can help to manage hair loss and is very effective in treating specifically telogen effluvium in females and males.  This is one of the best non-surgical methods that help manage hair fall and is offered at Dadu Medical Centre, the best hair fall treatment clinic in Delhi that helps overcome hair fall problems by naturally restoring hair regrowth. 

Mesogrow is a non-invasive, aesthetic procedure wherein the scalp is infused with a combination of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, amino acids, and other substances (like hormonal medications) to provide strength to the hair roots. It is a very useful therapy for patients with extensive hair loss or hair thinning issues.

How does Mesotherapy work for hair loss?
Hair loss is generally associated with hormonal imbalance, poor blood circulation to the hair roots, or a lack of essential nutrients for hair growth. Mesogrow treatment for hair loss works by regenerating the hair follicles that get damaged or remain inactive below the skin by stimulating the mesoderm skin layer. 

As the cocktail of active ingredients is instilled into the treatment site, it promotes blood circulation in that area, reduces inflammation, and boosts the production of collagen along with stimulation of anchoring proteins and extracellular matrix. Each hair follicle responds to the injected substances and results in strong, healthy, and thick hair growth.

The preformed factors, peptides used in mesotherapy that absorb into the roots of the hair and strengthen and protect and prevent hair fall. 

Various factors trigger hair fall and at Dadu Medical Centre, the best hair fall doctor in Delhi provides the best hair fall control treatment after diagnosing the root cause of the problem.

Ideal candidates for Mesotherapy
Mesotherapy is suitable for all genders and hair types. It can be undertaken by people who have

  • Hairfall after any type of physical/mental stress, drug, disease increases hair fall. 
  • Progressive thinning of their hair and is above 18 years of age.
  • Male pattern baldness (Androgenic alopecia).
  • Female Hair loss due to family history or hormonal conditions.
  • Patchy hair loss.

It is not recommended for people who have chronic diseases, heart disease, terminal diseases, or those who are pregnant or lactating.

What to expect during a Mesotherapy procedure?
During the mesotherapy procedure for hair loss, a vial filled with the mixture of active ingredients required for hair revitalization and restoration is injected by the hair loss doctor in Delhi at Dadu Medical Centre using the microneedling technique into the scalp. Depending upon the size of the area of the treatment, the session may usually take about 10 to 30 minutes. Based on the severity of hair loss, hair growth can be stimulated by multiple treatment sessions (generally 5 to 10) within a 2-3 week interval period. If needed, further sessions can be repeated after every 2 weeks or a month (the number of maintenance sessions varies for every individual). Desired results can be noticed after 2 months. 

The cost of mesotherapy treatment in Delhi depends on various factors like formulation and ingredients used to manage hair loss, the severity of hair loss, the number of sessions provided, and also depends on the doctor's experience.

Post-treatment care
After mesotherapy, patients shall care for their treated area to achieve the best results and avoid infection. They should

  • Avoid taking a hair bath for 24 hours. 
  • Keep themselves hydrated.
  • Avoid applying hair care cosmetics and hair styling.
  • Avoid physical activities that can cause sweating of the scalp at least for 2 days.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.

Benefits of Mesotherapy for hair loss

  • The infusion of ingredients is completely safe and requires no anesthesia (no chances of having an allergy or side effects related to drug intake).
  • The hair grows naturally shiny and healthy as the hair follicles get strengthened.
  • The treatment is not associated with pain or discomfort as the insertions are made just underneath the skin.
  • It ensures speedy recovery for patients as it is a non-invasive procedure involving the use of superficial microinjections.
  • The amount and the type of solutions injected into the scalp of the patient can be customized according to the patient’s need and scalp condition. 
  • The patient can return to his normal daily routine immediately without interruptions.
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