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Premature Greying
Premature Greying
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Premature Greying Treatment in Delhi

Premature Greying of Hair

Premature greying of hair means early greying of hair at a young age. Healthy hair follicles have a pigment called melanin that makes hair dark or pigmented, but with time pigment cells lose melanin that causes hair greying. Various factors trigger premature greying like stress, vitamin deficiency, use of cosmetic hair products with higher chemical concentration, metabolic disorders, and other medical conditions. Healthy, strong hair is a sign of good well-being and health. Hair plays a great role in the total appearance of people, where premature greying can affect the self-esteem of people as it is a sign of old age.


What causes premature greying of hair?

In several cases, early greying of hair takes place due to hormonal imbalance that causes thyroid problems. The thyroid also influences the color of hair. When thyroid secretion is imbalanced, it can cause the body to produce less melanin. 


There is also a connection between premature hair greying and smoking.  Smoking affects many vital metabolisms of the body, and melanin production is one of them. 


A person with premature greying of hair may be suffering from other medical conditions like autoimmune disease or a condition in which melanin deficiency occurs. When new hair grows back, it tends to be grey. This happens when the immune system attacks its own pigment-producing cells. In this case, hair loses pigmentation and causes the greying of hair. 


Cosmetic products with heavy chemicals damage the hair cells and also cause skin conditions, but with trends, it is very common to use these products to look attractive. Chemically based products are very harsh, and they also have side effects. Chemical hair dyes, shampoos, and other hair products can also give us premature greying. Some hair dyes are so harsh that they can cause major damage to the cells. Hydrogen peroxide, which is used to bleach hair, damages hair fibers, makes them rough, and also causes premature hair greying.


Premature greying can also be caused by genetic heredity, as in some people, premature greying of hair can start as early as 20 to 30 years of age. 


In changing lifestyle stress is very common. Stress not only affects mental health but also damages physical health. Stress also causes high blood pressure, low sugar, change in appetite, and anxiety. Studies show premature greying of hair can also occur due to stress and cause loss of hair color.


Greying can improve in early stages when bulbar melanocytes are deactivated.

Hence, taking the help of a doctor is very much important to determine the cause that leads to greying of hair. Dr. Nivedita Dadu, best trichologist in Delhi conducts various tests to find out the major cause of the loss of hair color and suggest suitable treatment to cure the greying hair concern.


Treatment to get back thick dark strands of hair

It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle for good health benefits and a proper diet enriched with nutrients like eating a healthy diet that includes vitamins, minerals, and a good amount of antioxidants. It can also help reduce the effect of premature greying. Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress, which also causes the loss of pigmentation; including antioxidants in the diet is very beneficial in overall health. 


It is important to take a nutritious and balanced diet to maintain health. A diet lacking nutrition directly affects the system of our body. An important vitamin is Biotin which is one of the B-complex, also known as vitamin B7. Biotin plays an important role in the production of keratin, a protein that promotes the growth of nails and hair. 


People with grey hair most likely to use hair dyes that are chemical-based gives hair pigmented by coating hair follicles with artificial color, which is temporary and can go in a short span of time. These hair dyes give effective results but also cause damage and other skin problems in the long term. For hair coloring, people can also go for natural dyes which are plant-based and have no to very few side effects. 

To treat premature greying of hair, visit today at Dadu Medical Centre, the best hair treatment clinic in Delhi.

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