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Psoriasis Treatment in Delhi

Living with a chronically inflamed skin condition that is often itchy, dry, and painful?

Get the best psoriasis treatment in Delhi at Dadu Medical Centre!

Psoriasis is a kind of skin problem wherein the skin surface becomes red, flaky, raised, and itchy. It is a common chronic relapsing immune-mediated skin disease that is a non-contagious condition, and it can be found in different age groups, races, or gender. The most common areas of infection include elbows, trunk, scalp, soles of feet, face, palm, and knees - says the best psoriasis doctor in Delhi. Majorly, it affects people below 35 years of age and can show its prolonged effect for years.


What are the types of Psoriasis and how to differentiate each type? 

Following are the different types of Psoriasis:

  1. Guttate psoriasis- teardrop-shaped spots that are bright pink or red color on the limbs and torso, back.
  2. Pustular psoriasis- small blisters filled with white or yellow fluids affecting the whole body
  3. Nail psoriasis- affects toenails or nails, making them extremely painful.
  4. Scalp psoriasis- leads to flakes like dandruff that can result in thinning of hair.
  5. Plaque psoriasis- formation of plaques, i.e., build-up of skin cells on any part of the body.
  6. Inverse or Flexural Psoriasis- such as skin folds, face, armpits, and genitals.

The best psoriasis treatment in Delhi is also chosen as per the type of psoriasis an individual is suffering from and its symptoms. 


What are the signs and symptoms of Psoriasis? How is Psoriasis Diagnosed?

As Dr. Nivedita Dadu (leading psoriasis specialist doctor in Delhi,Vasant Vihar) says, “Different individuals can show varied symptoms”. Some of the common ones are

  • Extremely dry skin can crack and cause itching and bleeding.
  • Sore skin that can give a burning sensation.
  • In children, scaly patches or flares.
  • Skin lesions may appear red and become covered with silvery, thick scales.
  • In very few cases the affected nails may look pitted, thick, or ridged.
  • In very rare cases patients may have inflexible swollen joints.
  • Most of the Psoriasis types undergo flaring for a few weeks or months, followed by its clearance for some time and remission - says Dr. Nivedita Dadu, one of the best psoriasis doctors in Delhi.

What are the causes and triggers of psoriasis? 

Dr. Nivedita Dadu, the best psoriasis doctor in Delhi, says that the main reason for this skin problem is the failure of the immune system response leading to rapid skin regeneration. The skin cells turnover at a fast rate can result in the formation of patchy, red, and scaly skin. Recent studies have concluded that psoriasis may be associated with a metabolic syndrome that increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, heart stroke, hypertension, intolerance towards glucose, and type II diabetes.
As psoriasis appears as a skin rash, many people take it lightly thinking that it will go away on its own. However, it is highly recommended to get the right psoriasis or skin rash treatment at the earliest to prevent the condition from worsening. One can visit Dadu Medical Centre for the most effective Psoriasis Treatment in Delhi. 


The cause of the malfunctioned immune system can be either genetic or environmental factors. Some of the triggers are

  • Dry and cold weather.
  • Active or passive smoking.
  • Heavy alcohol consumption.
  • Emotional stress. 
  • Streptococcus throat or other skin-related infections.
  • Some medications for high blood pressure, anti-malarial drugs.
  • Cutaneous trauma. 
  • Obesity.
  • Smoking.
Psoriasis Treatment Clinic in Delhi

What are the best Psoriasis Treatments in Delhi?

The best psoriasis treatments in Delhi,Vasant Vihar are available at Dadu Medical Centre, a leading psoriasis treatment clinic in Delhi NCR. Modern-day dermatology treatments are provided for psoriasis that enable minimizing the symptoms and chances of recurrence of psoriasis. Also, the cost of psoriasis treatment in Delhi,Vasant Vihar is very affordable but it varies as per the individual treatment plan.

1. Topical therapy for Psoriasis (using ointments, gels, lotions, or creams). This includes

  • Vitamin D analogs to reduce skin regeneration.
  • Coal tar in oils, shampoo, or creams to lessen the itching, scaling, and inflammation.
  • Few cases may respond to Mild steroids creams.
  • Anthralin creams slow down the process of skin cell growth.
  • Shampoos or solutions containing salicylic acid (for scalp psoriasis).
  • For Severe Cases Oral Medications - Steroid Sparing immunosuppressants can also be given.
  • Calcineurin inhibitors to minimize the plaque formation.
  • Topical Retinoid Creams can also be given.

2. Phototherapy
Does phototherapy work for psoriasis?
Yes, phototherapy does work for psoriasis!

It can also be combined with topical treatment. A light of UVA or UVB wavelength is used. The psoriasis skin is exposed to ultraviolet light by a medical professional, and the process is done under dermatologist supervision. If the treatment is done using a light sensitizing medication., then termed as oral PUVA, that diminishes the excess of skin cell activity and reduces the symptoms of psoriasis. To avail the benefits of best phototherapy for psoriasis in Delhi, please feel free to visit Dadu Medical Centre.

3. Biologicals  
They are either injected, or IV infused, and the commonly used one is secukinumab. These medications block the specific immune system cells that play a major role in the formation of psoriasis. Secukinumab injection is undoubtedly one of the best psoriasis treatments in Delhi NCR which many of our patients have benefitted from.

4. Injections or Oral Medications
This includes systemic drugs such as and injectable steroids for psoriasis treatment in Delhi.

5. Alternative therapies
ALternative therapies like fish oil supplements can also be helpful for psoriasis treatment in Delhi. 

6. Lifestyle changes
Certain lifestyle changes can also help in psoriasis management. That’s why dermatologists at Dadu Medical Centre suggest the following changes as a part of the best psoriasis treatment in Delhi.

  • Daily baths and use of moisturizer.
  • Avoid triggers such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and intense sun exposure.
  • Have a balanced diet which includes flaxseeds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, walnuts), leafy vegetables and fresh fruits, iron and selenium.
  • Avoid red meat, Junk food, refined sugars as they are high in saturated and trans-fat which promotes inflammation.
  • Avoid gluten as it increases inflammation. Opt for a gluten free diet and avoid wheat, barley and rye.

So, it is very much possible to control and treat psoriasis with the help of a qualified dermatologist/skin specialist. One can get the best treatment for Psoriasis in Delhi by consulting the best psoriasis doctor in Delhi at Dadu Medical Centre.

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