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Thread Lift Treatment

Changes in skin’s appearance such as laxity or visible fine lines and wrinkles are all normal parts of stepping into old age. Over the years, it is natural to have reduced skin elasticity and strength because of the loss of collagen and elastin - the two skin structural fibers. The skin cartilage may also get weaker with age and be unable to hold the skin taut around it.

Thread Lift Treatment in Delhi,
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Thread Lift Treatment in Delhi

One of the recent advancements in cosmetic dermatology to achieve a younger facial look is thread lift. Thread lift is a minimally-invasive procedure wherein the dermatologist places medical-grade, temporary sutures under the skin to pull it back slightly and therefore tighten or firm the facial skin. One can get the benefits of this amazing thread lift treatment in Delhi at Dadu Medical Centre.

How does a Thread Lift work?
The treatment involves a simple suspension of the skin by stitching up the portions of it. This makes the skin tighter in appearance. As the textured filaments of the thread grab the underside of the skin to secure it in a new position, thereby providing an instant lifted look to the face. In addition, the inserted thread also stimulates new collagen synthesis which is a part of the natural healing response. This makes the skin plumper and voluminous. The wrinkles and sagging skin that were caused by the loss of collagen are no longer noticed.    

Who is a suitable Candidate for Thread Lift Treatment?
If thread lift sounds like a suitable treatment option for your concern, it’s important to schedule an initial consultation with a dermatologist who could confirm one’s candidacy for the procedure. The skin expert can determine whether the treatment is a safe and effective choice for you based on your current health and medical history. 

The ideal candidates for thread lifts, in general, are those who desire subtle facial lift. They are either not interested in or cannot tolerate a traditional surgical face-lift and wish to hold on to the onset of facial aging. This mostly includes men and women typically aged 55 years or younger (in their 30s). In addition, the candidates must be in good general health and hold reasonable expectations for what treatment can serve them. The treatment would be a viable option for those individuals who have skin that just started to sag in certain areas. 

Particularly, it is meant for mild to moderate drooping of the lower third of the face and for people who want to smoothen their fine lines and wrinkles, especially on either side of their cheeks.   

Individuals who suffer from a bleeding disorder, have autoimmune deficiencies or acute illness, hypertrophic/keloid scarring, or active fungal/bacterial infections are not recommended to undergo the treatment. 

To know more about this anti-aging treatment in Delhi, one can consult the skin experts at Dadu Medical Centre.  

Pre-Treatment Instructions

  •  Avoid the intake of blood-thinning medications and supplements to minimize bruising for at least 3 days beforehand.
  • Do not consume alcohol for a week before the treatment.
  • Avoid smoking for at least 2 days before and 2 weeks post-treatment.
  • Do not book dental appointments for 2 weeks prior to the treatment and for 4 weeks post-treatment. 
  • Sun-protect the treatment area by daily wearing sunscreen both before and after the treatment. 

What happens during the Thread Lift procedure? 
Thread lift is carried out by qualified dermatologists at Dadu Medical Centre, the best skin clinic in Delhi. It usually gets over in an hour. The patient is provided with local anesthesia to keep him/her awake and feel comfortable throughout the treatment. 

Once the treatment area gets numbed, then small hollow needles are carefully placed under the skin in the site where the threads are to be set. The doctor makes use of cannulas to guide the insertion of threads into the right place. Depending upon the facial area to be treated, the number of threads to be placed is decided by the doctor. Once the threads are put in their place, the cannulas will be removed.  

Thread Lift Treatment in Delhi,
Benefits of Thread Lift Treatment

  • The treatment provides instant skin tightening and gradual continued improvement in skin tone and firmness. The threads get absorbed in about 6 months but because of collagen growth, the patients get to see longer effects (about 1-3 years).  
  • They are much more affordable than facelift surgery. 
  • No recovery time is needed. 
  • As thread lift is performed under local anesthesia, the patient can drive home on their own and immediately look after themselves. Thus, this treatment is ideal for people who have demanding careers or families/small children to look after at home. 
  • There is virtually no risk of severe bruising, scarring, bleeding, or other complications because of their non-invasiveness. 

To know about the cost of thread lift in Delhi, meet the experts at Dadu Medical Centre.

Post-Treatment Instructions

  •  Apply cold compress without contacting entry points for the first 24 hours to minimize swelling. 
  • Sleep on the backside for the next 3-5 days to avoid disturbing the threads.
  • Avoid applying skin products/ makeup for the first 24 hours. Return to skincare regimen after that. 
  • If any pain or discomfort, manage them with pain killers. 
  • Resume daily activities right after the treatment but do strenuous exercises only after 4 weeks.
  • Avoid touching entry points for 48 hours and massaging the treated area for the next 2 months. 
  • Do not take a head bath or shower for the first 24 hours. For one week avoid taking hot showers, saunas, or hot tub baths. 
  • Avoid making exaggerated facial expressions for about 2 to 3 weeks. 
  • Do make a follow-up visit to the doctor. 

For more information, about thread lift treatment in Delhi one can consult the best skin experts at Dadu Medical Centre.

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