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Radiant, brighter, and luminous skin is something everyone desires. When it comes to tackling skin dullness, pigmentation, tanning, melasma, then  the beauty drips through IV infusion in Delhi performed at Dadu Medical Centre can aid in faster results.  

Power Booster IV Infusion
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IV Infusion Therapy in Delhi

Intravenous infusion for skin brightening is a breakthrough treatment that offers radiant and brightening of the skin using specialized boosters. 


The skin lightening treatment in Delhi uses natural antioxidants that are found in human cells and help neutralize free radicals, boost the immune system, and detoxify the body. This skin lightening treatment works by converting melanin to a lighter color as it works by deactivating the enzyme tyrosinase, which causes the production of the pigment and thus helps reduce blemishes and offer skin brightening.


In power booster intravenous infusion treatment, a combination of powerful antioxidants that are composed of essential vitamins and minerals is used to hydrate the skin and reduce excess melanin production. Power booster uses a special and extremely effective antioxidant composed of essential amino acids like glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid. To get a brighter skin tone, consult with the best skin specialists at Dadu Medical Centre.


Antioxidants in Skin Lightening

Antioxidants play a major role in helping the liver detoxify harmful chemicals by binding to the toxins and facilitating their easy elimination. The antioxidants protect the body cells from the damage that occurs when chemicals react with oxygen. These chemicals are free radicals and other reactive oxygen species that include heavy metals, lipid peroxides, and peroxides that cause damage to the skin cells. The discovery of  anti-melanogenic properties of antioxidants has led to their utilisation as skin-lightening agents, in addition to remarkable antioxidant properties. Power Booster IV infusion treatment uses special antioxidants and can maintain healthy skin and remove skin darkening by neutralizing free radicals and keeping other antioxidants including vitamin C and E in their active form. To know more about skin brightening treatment benefits, contact now at Dadu Medical Centre, the best skin treatment clinic in Delhi, NCR.


Why are IV infusion Skin Lightening treatments becoming popular?

If these antioxidants are taken orally, the gastrointestinal system breaks the  antioxidant down into its component amino acids before it can be absorbed into the system. This means that a person must take much more antioxidants than the effective dose to make sure that a sufficient amount of antioxidants is getting into the system. This is where IV antioxidant supplementation comes into its role. By taking antioxidants intravenously it is possible to get the supplement directly into the body in its original form, bypassing any of the degradation processes associated with oral supplementation. 


Intravenous injections are popular as they provide desired therapeutic levels in the blood and skin to produce instant skin lightening. Most of us are exposed to numerous toxins daily, so Power Booster IV Infusion therapy will help to keep the circulatory system toxin-free and make one feel healthy and youthful with radiant-looking skin.


Treatment Sessions

It is recommended to have Power Booster IV infusions after every 4-5 weeks to get the full benefit of skin brightening treatment. After this, infusions can be done after a few months until a desired skin tone and results are achieved. 


When undergoing Power Booster IV infusion treatment to ensure complete absorption and retention of antioxidants, vitamin C and alpha-lipoic acid oral supplements are also recommended.


Power Booster IV Infusion

Benefits of Power Booster IV Infusion Skin Lightening Treatment

  • IV drips are more effective than taking oral supplements. Research shows that generally, 80-90% of people are nutrient deficient (50% of which are already taking oral vitamin supplementation). It has been found that only 15-20% of active nutrients actually end up in the bloodstream when taken through tablet form. With vitamin and antioxidants drip, these nutrients bypass the gastrointestinal tract with delivery directly into the bloodstream allowing cells to take immediate advantage. They are being utilized more effectively by the body because the nutrients are being directed straight into the cells.
  • Power Booster IV infusion drips can help with skin tone. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that can inhibit melanogenesis by providing a more even and lighter skin tone.
  • IV vitamin drips can be used to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. They can help deal with dark spots from acne, sun-damaged skin, hyperpigmentation, melasma, uneven skin, freckles, skin blemishes, and aging skin.

To get a brighter skin tone, opt for power booster IV infusion treatment at Dadu Medical Centre, skin clinic in Delhi, India.

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