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Birthmarks Treatment in Delhi
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Birthmarks Treatment in Delhi

Have you ever thought about the reasons for birthmark appearance on your skin? Is this a matter of concern for you?
Birthmarks are the spots or discoloration of the skin that is formed either at birth or has been developed after the first few days of the arrival of a newborn baby. These spots can vary in shape (flat or raised), size, and colors for different individuals. Some of the common colors include: brown or tan, black, blue, and red. Their size may range from small freckles to areas that involve large portions of arms, legs, body, or face.

Some people have birthmarks that continue to increase in size and stay for a lifetime. Others might have fading birthmarks.


What leads to the appearance of a birthmark in the skin?
There is no such definite cause for the development of birthmarks as per the best skin specialists in Delhi. The events that occur at the time of pregnancy have no relation with the birthmark. The underlying reason is still not clear. Rarely has it been observed that some gene mutations (such as Klippel- Trenaunay syndrome and Sturge-Weber syndrome) can result in port-wine stains on the skin.


What are the types of birthmarks?
The types of birthmarks can be mainly categorized into two as per the best dermatosurgeons in Delhi:


Vascular birthmarks- This kind is observed when the blood vessels show some abnormalities during their development, i.e., either they are clumped in a certain area, or their width is more. These can be further divided into other types such as:

  • Strawberry hemangiomas- bright red, pink, or blue-colored bumps.
  • Salmon patches/ Macular stains-flat, pink or red-colored; commonly found on the forehead, eyes, neck, and scalp areas. Other names are stork bites (backside of the neck) or angel kisses (between eyes). Usually, no treatment is required as it disappears on its own with age.
  • Port-wine stains-flat, dark red, or pink colored. These are caused by the abnormal formation of capillaries.

Pigmented birthmarks- In this type, skin-colored pigments (Melanin) are abundantly localized on a particular part of the body. 
Some of the types are:

  • Dermal melanosis (Mongolian spots)- flat, bluish-gray-colored bruise-like spots. Common areas-lower back and buttocks.
  • Café-au-lait spots- flat, light-brown colored (like coffee with milk).
  • Congenital Melanocytic Nevi (pigmented moles)- raised, dark brown to black colored moles.


Can these birthmarks be removed?

Birthmarks do not cause any harm to health - says Dr. Nivedita Dadu, a leading dermatologist in Delhi. Hence their removal is not necessary. But some people want to get rid of it due to its unpleasant appearance. Moreover, some types may lead to the chances of getting medical attention, such as hemangiomas or moles may increase the risk of skin cancer.


Birthmarks Treatment in Delhi

Some of the most popular birthmark treatments in Delhi include


  • Laser for birthmarks removal in Delhi 
    It is useful for minimizing the visibility of pigmentary birth marks. This method makes use of a laser to fade out birthmarks. The lasers are also used to lighten the pigmentation present in the birthmarks. Q-switch Nd Yag is the commonly offered laser for different birthmarks. Multiple sessions are required for the different birthmarks to give scarless removal of birthmark skin.However recurrence can be an issue 
  • Beta-blockers for birthmarks removal in Delhi 
    These are topical or oral medications given to an individual caused due to dilated blood vessels. It works effectively for hemangiomas by reducing their shape and appearance.
  • Birthmarks removal Surgery in Delhi 
    For large and deep birthmarks, the scalp can be used to remove them in sections, But should be always taken under a doctors supervision.

Dadu Medical Centre is the best clinic that provides solutions for all types of birthmarks using the best-specialized procedures for birthmarks removal in Delhi.

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