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Vitiligo Treatment
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Best Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi

Is your skin going through depigmentation or white patches?

These white patches can be vitiligo!

Consult a vitiligo specialist in Delhi to treat this condition.

Vitiligo is a chronic skin disease wherein the melanocytes (skin-colored pigment) located in the epidermis (outermost layer of skin) are damaged in some parts of the body, and this results in the loss of original skin color, and the skin shows characteristic white patches - describes Dr. Nivedita Dadu, the best vitiligo specialist in Delhi


It is not a cancerous or contagious skin disease, but it can lead to psychological and emotional discomfort because of the unpleasant physical appearance. This medical condition is not associated with pain or any other health-related complications. It can be progressive disease in some cases so cannot be predicted for its rate of occurrence; for some, it is slow, and for others, it is rapid. But, today, we have certain medical vitiligo treatment in Delhi that are proven effective in treating this condition. 


Which age group is most affected by vitiligo?

Early symptoms usually appear by the age of 20, while most of them experience it before the age of 40. Thus, it has been reported that most cases have the onset of vitiligo in the age group of 10 to 30.


What are the symptoms of Vitiligo? 

The symptoms of vitiligo can be characterized as localized, generalized, or universal as per vitiligo specialist in Delhi


The localized vitiligo is restricted to one general area, and generalized vitiligo affects one or more areas that are symmetrical and this usually affects the mucous membranes. In universal vitiligo, the loss of pigmentation takes place in more than 70-80% of the skin. These white spots/patches are asymptomatic. 

Dr. Nivedita Dadu is a best vitiligo doctor in Delhi specializing in treating vitiligo and other pigmentary disorders. She provides many effective treatments and therapies that help improve vitiligo.

How is it caused?

  • The exact reason for the occurrence of vitiligo is still unspecified. But researchers suggest that it is the outcome of an autoimmune disorder in which cytotoxic T-cell lymphocytes (immune system cells) recognize the self-body cells (melanocytes) as foreign and act against them. 
  • In some cases an individual can acquire this skin disorder from their family members through genes. It is observed that emotional stress, and mental trauma, can also lead to the aggravation of vitiligo.
  • Since vitiligo is an autoimmune disease, it can be associated with other autoimmune disease like autoimmune Thyroiditis, Lupus and Type I Diabetes.


Dr. Nivedita Dadu, best vitiligo doctor in Delhi, diagnoses vitiligo by reviewing the medical history and physical examination of the skin. In few cases a detailed examination might be required.  


The goal of most vitiligo treatments is to help repigment the affected skin. Best Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi, Vasant vihar includes


  • Phototherapy for vitiligo treatment in Delhi

It’s one of the treatment options wherein sunlight (UVA or UVB) is used to restore the color of depigmented skin. This can be done either in a clinic or at home and requires 2-3 sessions within a week. To increase its effectiveness of this therapy, it can be combined with topical application of ointments or creams.

  • Topical treatments for vitiligo

This comprises steroidal creams, vitamin D analogs, and calci-neurin inhibitors.

  • PUVA treatment for vitiligo 

In this treatment, the UVA light is coupled with a medicine psoralen to restore the color of the skin. The treatment requires the supervision of a dermatologist.

  • Melanocyte Transfer for vitiligo treatment in Delhi 

If patients have very few patches that have not increased in past six months then surgery can be considered. In this surgery normal skin tissue grafts from the unaffected parts of the patients’ body area like hips can be taken  and surgically placed over the affected skin. A split-thickness graft is harvested from a suitable donor area of the skin and is treated with an enzyme. The different cellular components of a skin graft are separated, and the suspension is prepared out of those cellular components. The suspension contains melanocyte and Keratinocyte. After the preparation of the recipient bed, the cell suspension is spread thinly and evenly with a spatula on the dermabraded recipient skin area.

  • Oral and topical medications for vitiligo treatment in Delhi 

If more than 50% of the body surface area is depigmented due vitiligo then bleaching agents can be prescribed by dermatologist to reduce the pigmentation of normal skin surfaces. The application of certain creams can also help in bleaching the normal skin to match with the depigmented areas of the body.

  • Sometimes white patches can be hidden with the help of creams that can cosmetically camouflage them. 

The best treatment plan that is suitable for the patient depends upon the severity of this skin problem.

To get best vitiligo treatment in Delhi, book an appointment with Dadu Medical Centre, a leading vitiligo treatment clinic in Delhi, Vasant vihar.

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