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DMC-Hair Growth Promoters (HGP)®

Hair loss or hair thinning is the condition when hair starts to excessively fall off from the scalp. There are several different reasons associated with hair loss. While some people prefer to go with the condition without hiding it.

DMC-Hair Growth Promoters (HGP)®
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Hair Fall Treatment in Delhi

Some others may try to hide their hair loss or search for a permanent solution. A little hair loss is normal both in men and women. As the new hair growth also occurs every day, this little hair loss goes unnoticed, but when excessive hair loss occurs and replacement of lost hair with new hair growth is also ceased, then this becomes a matter of concern.


The major causes involve:

  1. Genetics
    If someone’s parents have suffered from this problem, they are more likely to suffer from the same.
  2. Stress
    Mental or emotional stress can lead to hormonal changes which can result in hair fall
  3. Hormonal Changes
    This is mainly witnessed in female candidates where they witness an increase in male sex hormone levels leading to an increase in androgen levels and reduced estrogens levels. Female candidates can experience hormonal changes during pregnancy and childbirth and hence, witness hair fall during that period.
  4. Environmental Effects
    Environmental factors like pollution, dust, and sun exposure can also hamper hair follicles and hence, result in hair fall.
  5. Diet and Lifestyle
    Improper diet causing various vitamin deficiencies can cause physical stress to the body leading to hair fall.
  6. Disease and Medications
    Several illnesses like thyroid, anaemia, diabetes or eating disorders, or drugs like birth control pills, hypertensive drugs, blood thinners, and anti-depressant drugs can also cause hair fall.

Use of various cosmetic products or hair styling equipment on hair may weaken the hair root and cause hair fall, leading to hair damage and hence hair fall sometimes. Different patterns of hair loss are observed among males and females. An individual should confirm with the expert or professional doctors about their hair loss issues and the treatment they should go for. Sometimes minor nutritional imbalance may also cause hair loss, so the doctor only advises to change the diet plan, and no other treatments are required. Therefore it is important to consult the doctor about the hair loss issues.


Medications can treat hair loss problems in some patients according to their conditions. A dermatologist is an expert who will investigate the causes behind hair fall and suggest topical serums to increase blood flow towards the scalp, thus, pushing hair to the growth phase.

Certain oral medications can also be prescribed by a dermatologist in case any hormonal imbalance is diagnosed in investigation reports or any vitamin deficiencies to correct the same and help in growing healthy hair. In order to enhance results and promote hair growth, there are multiple treatment options like DMC-Hair Growth Promoters (HGP)® Treatment is provided at Dadu Medical Centre.


DMC-HGP® treatment stimulates hair growth when the hair follicles have shrunk and stopped hair growth. Since patients own plasma and growth factors are used in this treatment. Human blood contains some natural growth promoters which are responsible for instigating localized growth. They help in the reversal of hair follicle miniaturization to make it healthy and robust.

DMC-Hair Growth Promoters (HGP)®

The procedure of DMC-HGP® - hair fall treatment in Delhi

In this procedure, the blood is drawn from the patient’s body and centrifuged. The growth factors are separated from the granulated cells. The growth factors and cytokines are collected and are ready to be injected into the scalp. Local Anesthesia is used to ensure treatment is comfortable for the patient. The DMC-hair growth promoters® are now injected into the patient’s scalp.


No downtime is required in this procedure as opposed to the surgical methods. This procedure takes 60-90 minutes per session. Successive sessions are required monthly, and after some time, only maintenance yearly sessions are required. The number of sessions varies from patient to patient.

Who is the ideal candidate for DMC-Hair Growth Promoters® Treatment?

• Anyone with active scalp infections or wounds is not suitable for this therapy.

• Patients with any kind of blood disorders like clotting disorders, high blood sugar, or blood pressure are not the ideal candidate for this procedure.

• Patient in the initial stages of hair loss or the follicles have not become fully dormant are considered good for this therapy.

• The patient should be in good health and should not have immune–suppressed or immune-compromised disorders.


Pre-treatment care

• A proper balanced diet with higher fluid intake is advised before the therapy so as to promote the healing procedure.

• Other treatments for hair loss (if the patient is pursuing any) like medications may remain continued on the advice of the doctor.


Post-treatment care 

• Limit sun exposure for some time, and the patient can wear hats or scarves to protect the scalp from the sun..

• Avoid touching the scalp area and do not wash for at least 1 day.

• Avoid swimming or exercise for few days after the treatment.

• In case of any prolonged discomfort, consult the doctor.


DMC-Hair Growth Promoters® treatment benefits

• It is a highly effective procedure and provides natural growth to hair.

• Being a non-surgical procedure, it is very secure and virtually pain-free.

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