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Struggling with itchy skin? Consult with a dermatologist now as it can be urticaria! Urticaria or hives is an itchy skin condition that is associated with allergic reactions. The condition is not medically serious but can cause discomfort and frustration. We at Dadu Medical Centre provide effective urticaria treatments in Delhi.

Urticaria Treatment In Delhi
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Urticaria Treatment In Delhi

Some people experience urticaria one to two times in their lifetime, but some may suffer from chronic or frequent hives.

Hives are formed due to the excess release of histamines into the skin by the overactive immune system. This leads to the formation of red, pink, raised, and itchy wheals (swelling) to appear on the skin. The hives look exactly similar to an allergic reaction. They can last from a few minutes to hours and fade away after 24 hours, leaving no trace.

Sometimes angioedema can occur in mucosa like  eyes, nasal, throat, genitals, lips which causes excessive swelling and discomfort.


What causes itching skin conditions in hives?
The mast cells present underneath the lining of the skin, lungs, and eyes are designed to kill parasites and worms, and they contain bags filled with chemicals, including histamine. When the histamines are released into the skin, they cause redness, itching, swelling, and cause hives. The condition of hives can affect any part of the body but is common to the neck, arms, and legs. The condition generally rises in clusters, with one cluster getting worse as another gets better. The rashes or wheals of hives are itchy, and their size may range from a few millimeters in diameter or several centimeters. They may appear round-shaped or shaped like rings or maps.


What are the factors that trigger hives or urticaria?
Hives can be triggered by a variety of factors, substances, or occur due to some illness.

  • Infectionlike bacterial, viral or fungal.
  • Stress.
  • Food allergy.     
  • Change in environment temperature.
  • Allergies (pollens, animal dander).
  • Insect bite.
  • Hormonal aberrations like thyroid.
  • Autoimmune disease.
  • Contact allergy to plants/animals may cause localized hives.

What are the types of Hives or urticaria? 

1. Acute hives
They last for less than six weeks and come suddenly. Certain foods     or medications cause them. It can be caused by drug or food allergy, viral infection, and sometimes due to insect sting.

2. Chronic hives
This condition is caused by physical triggers such as pressure, heat, sunlight, and sometimes due to autoimmune conditions. They last for more than 6 weeks , and they are autoimmune in nature.


Types of Hives or Urticaria on basis of cause 

  1. Physical hives: They occur due to change in climatic conditions like cold, heat, or sun or by an evident trigger, such as pressure or exercise. They occur a few hours after exposure to the triggering factor.     
  2. Aquagenic Urticaria- It occurs on the skin that comes in contact with water of any temperature
  3. Cholinergic Urticaria- It is triggered when core body temperature rises i.e. sweating and exercise.
  4. Pressure Urticaria- It develops when the pressure has been applied to the skin, like from tight clothes or from gripping tools.
  5. Solar Urticaria- It is an allergy to sunlight that causes hives to form on skin that's exposed to the sun
  6. Cold Urticaria- It is precipitated by exposure to cold weather or cold water.
  7. Vibration Urticaria- triggered by vibration
  8. Autoimmune Urticaria- In this antibodies are directed against the patient's own skin cells.
Urticaria Treatment In Delhi

What are the Hives/Urticaria Treatments available in Delhi?

The treatment for hives is provided by the expert Urticaria treatment doctor in Delhi,Vasant Vihar Dr. Nivedita Dadu, after in-depth evaluation and checking the medical history and recent changes in the lifestyle of the patient. Allergy skin testing and laboratory testing are also performed to determine the major causative agent. Dr. Nivedita Dadu recommends a battery of tests to rule out the common causes because You need to know that even minor infection that remains undiagnosed can cause Urticaria.

1. Avoiding the trigger
One must avoid aggravating factors like alcohol, and extreme temperature, food items etc. 

2. Anti-allergic medicines or Antihistamines are recommended to soothe the symptoms.

3. Immunosuppressants
Immune modulators or immunosuppressive medications are provided to manage inflammation. The medications must be taken regularly for the greatest benefit. The specialist will recommend an appropriate dose.

4. Biologic injection
Monoclonal antibody to IgE recombinant biologic molecule is effectively used for the treatment of chronic urticaria.

5. Oral steroid is given if there is a severe flare
They can be taken for short-term use only, as recommended by the dermatologist in acute cases if needed.

6. Maintain a food diary that will figure out the triggering factor if any The patient must avoid getting into extreme temperature conditions when they have hives and avoid wearing tight clothing as the pressure, sweat may worsen the weals and the itch.

The patient must try to avoid any known or suspected causes of urticaria. The top dermatologists in Delhi at Dadu Medical Center are highly trained to treat hives or urticaria conditions. To get healthy skin, book a consultation at Dadu Medical Centre, one of the best skin clinics in Delhi.

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