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DMC-Root Restore Therapy®

The DMC-RRT® or DMC-Root Restore Therapy® helps prevent or manage hair loss issues. The treatment involves blood vessel reparation, increased collagen production, wound healing, and cell growth to manage hair loss conditions and promote hair regrowth.Hair loss is medically known as alopecia. Loss of some hair daily is a natural phenomenon but this can become a problem when there is an increased hair thinning and baldness on the head. Losing more than the normal amount of hair indicates alopecia and requires help from an expert.

Root Restore Therapy in Delhi
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Root Restore Therapy in Delhi

A variety of factors can cause hair loss, such as genetic factors, stress, hormonal imbalance, certain diseases, and the use of certain medications.

Multiple reasons that cause hair fall

  • Excessive intake of Vitamin A.
  • Deficiency of Vitamin B.
  • Anemia or hypothyroidism.
  • Autoimmune disorders.
  • Infection.
  • Hormonal problems.

Hair is one of the most attractive features, and luxuriant hair is also a sign of good health. Hair loss can seem like a highly daunting condition. But, with the right treatment, you can regain your hair and happiness.

DMC-Root Restore Therapy® is one of the best fusions of technology provided at Dadu Medical Center that offers magnificent improvement in hair regrowth. 

The treatment uses the perfect amalgamation of microneedling and laser along several special hair growth promoters to reverse hair loss.

The treatment is a quick and virtually painless treatment that gives the best results by promoting new hair growth and helping reverse hair fall.

Steps involved in DMC-RRT® 

In the first step of treatment, the patient's blood is withdrawn to obtain blood growth factors. The growth factors are collected from the patient's blood, and the blood is placed in a sterile tube that spins at a high speed for several minutes. The process of centrifugation separates the blood and the growth factors. The growth factors help in the healing or inflammation process. The growth factors contain cytokines, chemokines, epidermal growth factor, fibroblast growth factor, insulin growth factor, vascular endothelial cell growth factor, and macrophage inflammatory protein to promote hair growth.

Then in the second step, the scalp area is disinfected, and laser therapy is targeted at the scalp. Laser therapy uses a different wavelength of light that stimulates the epidermal cells that promote the regeneration of hair follicles. The light also causes vasodilatation and accelerates blood circulation around the hair follicles and increases the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, and makes the hair thicker, stronger, and healthier.

Then the microneedling treatment is performed, which creates small microchannels on the scalp that activate the healing process of the scalp. Then the growth factors that are obtained from the blood are injected into the scalp. The growth factors reach the deeper layer and help reverse back the shrinking of hair follicles, and this improves their ability to heal and repair.

The hair growth promoters are also infused in the scalp effectively reversing the miniaturization of the hair follicles and making the hair healthy, larger, and offering more robust hair growth. The growth stimulators and activated progenitor cells promote rapid neovascularization and localized cell growth, and this makes it an effective treatment for people suffering from hair loss. The growth factors also cause angiogenesis (growth of new blood vessels) around the hair follicle and offer robust hair growth.

This blend of modern techniques helps deliver the best, most effective and majestic results for hair regrowth.

Why Choose DMC-Root Restore Therapy®?

  • Both are effective for male and female pattern hair loss.
  • Efficient, faster, and majestic results.
  • Restore thick hair.
  • Stimulate hair growth.
  • Natural-looking results.
  • No scarring.
  • Reduce shock loss.
  • Improve hair growth.

People who suffer from hair loss can have lower self-esteem, and they may also feel they lack the confidence to step out into the world and strive towards their goals.

Hair loss also affects one's ability to enjoy life, everyday activities and also affect their work and professional life. It is extremely important that one must immediately seek medical assistance when hair loss affects your life.

Dr. Nivedita Dadu, the best hair specialist doctor in Delhi, has extensive experience in the field of hair loss treatment, and she delivers her patients with cutting-edge hair loss treatments that help them to regain confidence.

Benefits of DMC-Root Restore Therapy®

  • Best treatment for male and female pattern hair loss.
  • This treatment increases the hair diameter.
  • Increase in hair density.
  • Reverse hair loss.
  • Stimulates the growth of new hair in males and females.
  • Stand-alone treatment of alopecia and male pattern baldness.
  • Plays beneficial role in hair regrowth.
  • Strengthens the hair from thinning of the existing hair.
  • Quicker regeneration of tissues.
  • Very minimal side-effects.
  • Natural looking results.
  • Increases the diameter of the existing hair.
  • This treatment prevents hair thinning and encourages new hair growth.
  • Safe procedure with no cuts or incisions involved.

Experiencing thinning of hair or hair loss?
Consult with an expert doctor for the best hair fall treatment in Delhi at Dadu Medical Centre.

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