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Eyelash Lifting

Do you want long-lasting alluring eyelashes? Get the best eyelashes lifting treatment benefits at Dadu Medical Centre.
The eyes are the most important part of the face and their appearance adds to the aesthetics of the face. Most of the women enhance the eye lashes by applying mascara. But putting layers of mascara may not be sufficient to provide an extra boost to the lashes. There are ‘falsies’ or extensions available as eye cosmetics in the market that can be used as a replacement for eye make-up but the problem is that it requires more maintenance.

Eyelash Lifting
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Eyelash Lift Treatment In Delhi

Eye Lash Lift is an alternative solution for creating natural curling effect and lift for fuller looking eyelashes that can last with relatively low maintenance. The natural shape of the eyelashes is altered by this non-invasive procedure using tiny curling rods and a lifting solution. At Dadu Medical Centre, the best cosmetic dermatologists in Delhi perform this eyelash lifting treatment and help people achieve beautiful-looking eyelashes. 

What to expect from eyelash lifting?
The treatment begins with an initial consultation with the dermatologist at Dadu Medical Centre to know about the level of eyelash curl that the patient is looking for. The specialist then cleans the eye area and positions a silicon rod on the eyelids. On the silicon rod, the natural eyelashes of the client are curled over using an adhesive applied to the lashes. Then the lifting solution is applied over the eyelashes to allow them to mould around the curling silicone rod. Lastly, a setting lotion is applied over the moulded eyelashes to set the desired shape of the eyelashes. The entire procedure takes about 45-60 minutes.

The outcome of this procedure can last for a few weeks depending upon the growth of the eyelashes. Post procedure, it is recommended to refrain from applying mascara at least for two days and avoid touching or rubbing the new eyelashes for 24 hours. The treated eyelashes should be protected from water, make-up, shampoo, creams, eye serums, and eye drops for a day to ensure that the lift is correctly in shape. 

Who is a good candidate for eyelash lifting?
An individual with strong and healthy natural eyelashes who want to make their eyes look pretty and avoid daily hassles or damage caused by extensions are suitable for eyelash lifting. 
To know if you are an ideal candidate for lash lift treatment in Delhi ,contact an eyelash lifting expert at Dadu Medical Centre.

Benefits of Eyelash lifting

  • The eyelashes show a natural lift.
  • One looks younger and more awake.
  • The results are easy to maintain.
  • One no longer has to spend so much time doing eye make-up.
  • It is a less damaging procedure as compared to eye extensions. 
  • The procedure can be customized according to the patient's expectations.
  • It is a popular treatment among those with busy schedules.

To know about eyelash lifting cost in Delhi, contact the experts at Dadu Medical Centre.

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