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Eyebrow Laser Hair Reduction
Eyebrow Laser Hair Reduction in Delhi
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Eyebrow Laser Hair Reduction in Delhi

Do you want perfectly shaped eyebrows?
Laser hair removal treatment at Dadu Medical Centre can help permanently get rid of unwanted stray hair from your eyebrows! Eyebrows play an important role in determining the facial aesthetics of any individual. A precisely-shaped eyebrow adds to the person's facial aesthetics and is more picturesque than bushy eyebrows with some pesky baby hair sprouting between or below the eyebrows. Most individuals try to pluck the stray hair, do threading, or use tweezers and epilators for eyebrow shaping or unibrow removal which they can even do themselves at home. But the problem is that such methods require the person to endure an endless cycle of growth and removal of hair with time-consuming repeated maintenance sessions. Thankfully, laser hair reduction can address this drawback of other methods and provide long-lasting flawless-looking eyebrows without any hassles. 

At Dadu Medical Centre, the best laser treatment doctors and therapists perform laser hair reduction to help their patients get smooth hair-free skin while ensuring their safety.

How does laser hair reduction treatment work for eyebrow shaping?
In laser therapy, intensified light is delivered to the hair roots in short pulses. It generates a large amount of heat which gets absorbed by the melanin pigment of hair (which imparts the hair color) and destroys the hair follicles. Thus, the hair is no longer able to regrow or show minimal growth. The thermal damage to the hair roots is effective when the hair is in the active growth phase. As the stage of the hair growth cycle of every hair, strand varies at a particular time, hence, multiple sessions are generally required to get significant hair reduction of eyebrows. Depending on the patient's eyebrow hair thickness and the number of hair follicles. At Dadu Medical Centre, laser specialists take proper precautions while performing this treatment so that no harm is caused to the patient's eyes and surrounding skin while using lasers.

Who can get eyebrow laser hair reduction?
Laser hair removal usually works best for people with fair skin complexion and dark coarse hair. But with advancements in laser technology, optimal results can be experienced by anyone including dark-skinned individuals using a longer wavelength of laser light that can bypass at greater depths of the skin. Both men and women (adults) can undergo laser hair reduction for getting properly carved and trimmed eyebrows. 

Individuals who have a unibrow, thick eyebrows, or faster hair growth are recommended to undergo laser hair reduction

To know if you are an ideal candidate for eyebrow laser hair reduction treatment contact the best laser doctors in Delhi NCR at Dadu Medical Centre.

What to expect from eyebrow laser hair reduction?
In the initial consultation at Dadu Medical Centre, the best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi, the patient learns about the treatment process, gets the pre-treatment instructions from the dermatologist, and they also discuss their expectations from treatment. 

Before proceeding with the treatment sessions, the patient is asked to maintain the skin’s natural pigmentation by avoiding sun tanning. Waxing and plucking of hair are not allowed as these hair removal methods will detach the hair from its roots, hence there will be no hair follicles for laser hair treatment to work. In the days before getting the main treatment session, the client is asked to not consume certain medications.

During eyebrow laser hair removal
The treatment site is marked and excess hair is shaved followed by shaping with a special razor. Next, the laser light is targeted to specific areas of eyebrows using specific parameters well-tailored according to the sensitivity of the client’s skin, its type, and hair type. The patient may feel mild discomfort, a feeling of a slight stinging sensation just like a rubber band snapping against the skin. Lastly, the heated skin is applied with cooling gels (like aloe vera) to soothe the redness, swelling, and itching.

This complete procedure is carried out under the supervision of a qualified and experienced dermatologist at Dadu Medical Centre, and performed by an expert laser technician. The process lasts for up to 15-20 minutes which means it is a very quick outpatient procedure. With subsequent sittings, the hair growth reduces to a greater extent. The number of treatments required depends upon the client’s expectations and factors such as gender, hair color, hormones, hair density, etc.

Strict after-care is needed after the treatment session. This includes avoiding sun exposure that leads to sweating at least for a week. 

Benefits of laser hair removal for eyebrows

  • It is a simple and comfortable method (is virtually painless) to get the trending well-groomed eyebrows with a defined arc.
  • It is a safe and precise procedure wherein the skin does not get harmed.
  • The treated person can return to their daily routine or work immediately after treatment.
  • There are no chances of scarring, infection, or any painful side effects.
  • The skin remains soft and the results are long-lasting.

The cost of eyebrow laser hair reduction in Delhi depends on certain factors like laser technology used, patient skin type, treatment session, and also depends on doctor’s experience.

For more information, schedule an appointment with the best laser treatment doctors at Dadu Medical Centre.

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