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Booster/ Filler Dark Circle

Dark circles (also defined as sagging tear troughs) refer to the darkened skin underneath the eyes. Usually, these aren’t a sign of a medical condition rather these are cosmetic concerns caused due to various reasons. Mostly, dark circles are a result of lack of sleep or tiredness. Other reasons could be allergies, hyperpigmentation (caused by prominent blood vessels), or natural aging of the skin that results in hollows underneath eyes or puffy eyelids which cast shadows and appear as dark circles. Moreover, frequent rubbing of the eyes, over-exposure to sunlight, dehydration, hereditary dermatitis, thyroid conditions, and smoking can also cause dark circles.

Booster/ Filler Dark Circle
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Booster Treatment In Delhi For Dark Circle

For individuals, who wish to have youthful radiant skin, dark circles may become a setback as it is a problem that is difficult to prevent nowadays. Booster treatment is medically proven to be an ideal remedy for dark circles and other skin aging problems. It is a highly efficient and cost-effective alternative for people who are reluctant to go for surgery.

What is the composition of Booster used in Dark Circles treatment?
A booster is an injectable filler containing hyaluronic acid, a gel substance (a Glycose, micro glycan molecule) that is naturally present in the skin's subdermal layers. It is an FDA-approved micro-injection technique that is used by specialized doctors at their offices. This can be used to hydrate the skin and add volume and smoothness to any body part typically the lips, cheeks, dark circles, around the mouth, and nasolabial folds. The ingredient of the filler has a unique binding property, thereby making the filler easily mold and attach to the skin. 

At Dadu Medical Centre, the best clinic in Delhi the treatments are also customized to deliver patients with the best outcomes and safe results.

Can Boosters help reduce dark circles?
Yes, Boosters contain dermal filler with a unique formula that can assuredly be used for treating people displeased with the appearance of a dark circle under their eyes with under-eye hollows. It comprises hyaluronic acid which clings to the skin tissues and keeps them well-lubricated and moist because of its water-retaining property. The increase in water in the skin connective tissue provides volume to the skin. 

Boosters are natural biodegradable fillers that provide a temporary and safe solution to restore age-related loss of volume in the skin underneath the eyes or erase the appearance of dark circles.

To know more about the booster treatment cost for dark circles removal in Delhi, consult the expert skin specialists at Dadu Medical Centre.

How does Booster fix dark circles under the eyes?
Dark circle treatment by using Boosters is a simple and quick aesthetic procedure that involves no incisions. Generally, the patient is advised to stop the intake of any blood-thinning medications, NS-A-IDs, or any other supplements as well as avoid alcohol consumption for at least 2 days before the day of treatment. 

Usually, the formulation of filler contains a numbing solution (such as lidocaine) to ensure minimum discomfort experienced by the patient throughout the treatment. Otherwise, the treatment would require an application of local anesthetic ideally 30-45 minutes before the treatment begins. These preparations before the treatment help make the experience better during the treatment and allow easier recovery.

Steps performed during under eye dark circles treatment in Delhi

  • The area to be injected is cleansed by the doctor using an antiseptic solution. 
  • According to the concern being treated and its extent, the doctor takes a certain amount of Boosters.
  • Boosters are then injected into the marked dark circles under the eyes with the help of an ultrafine needle. 

What to expect after Boosters treatment?

Natural-looking results are usually achieved after a single session of Boosters because of the use of a conservative amount of filler. Instant lightening of dark circles and plumping of under eyes can be seen. As the filler gradually gets absorbed into the body, the outcomes of the treatment will significantly improve. Excellent results can be visualized after 2 months or even longer and it may last up to a year depending upon how well the body processes the formula of the filler. 

Depending upon the number of Boosters injections being administered and their location, the healing period would vary for every patient. Redness, swelling, and sometimes bruising might appear at the injected site which usually resolves within a week.

During the recovery, the patients shall take proper care of their treated area. They should restrict themselves from getting exposed to steam, sunlight, harsh chemicals, and hot water that could worsen the skin appearance of the treated area. The doctors usually instruct their patients to avoid any massaging, rubbing, or touching of the injected site to prevent any disturbance created to the injected filler.

To know more about dark under-eye circle reduction treatment in detail, please feel free to visit Dadu Medical Centre.

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