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Pixel Treatment In Delhi for Dark Circles

Pixel treatment is one of the best laser technologies to correct tired, puffy eyes and various skin imperfections!
The eyes reveal a wealth of information about one's emotional and physical health. Dark under-eye circles, dark pigmentation around the eye6s and wrinkles that affect one’s appearance can be corrected with the help of a pixel laser. The pigmentation and dark circles are formed due to the lack of subcutaneous fat around the eyes, and wrinkles are also formed due to loss of skin elasticity and loss of collagen production. Aging causes the skin to lose its youthful appearance and elasticity, and it particularly affects the skin around the eyes as it is very thin in comparison to other body parts.

Pixel- An Evolutionary Laser Technology For Under Eye Rejuvenation in Delhi

Factors like sunlight exposure, genetics, poor nutrition, alcohol consumption can fasten the aging process and cause fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation around the eyes. Excess pigmentation around the eyes can have a huge impact on confidence and self-esteem. At Dadu Medical Centre, we use Pixel laser for under eye rejuvenation treatment in Delhi. Pixel is an evolutionary FDA-approved fractional laser that improves pigmentation, dark circles, and wrinkles around the eyes and helps transform blotchy, spotted, and pockmarked skin into a radiant, glowing complexion by promoting new collagen production. It is recommended in combination with other laser treatments to see visible results.


The pixel laser treatment improves skin tone, fine lines and addresses a wide range of imperfections such as deep wrinkles, spots around the eyes.

Pixel technology is the next generation of lasers that helps to improve skin texture, firmness, reduce wrinkles and pigmentation with minimal downtime and discomfort associated with other resurfacing lasers.


How does pixel laser treatment work to reduce under-eye concerns?

In pixel technology, the laser energy is delivered in columns instead of layers, and these columns are termed pixels. The treatment is based on the principle of ‘micro-thermal treatment zones’. These laser pulses create uniform tiny pixels at the target site and leave the surrounding tissues untouched and intact. The treated area with the pixel laser triggers the body to stimulate the growth of new healthy tissue of the skin and increase collagen formation. The end result is a new, healthier, smoother tissue in place of skin imperfections. This safety mechanism makes it a suitable laser for eye rejuvenation as well as other parts of the face and body.

Why should one choose Pixel Laser for Eye Rejuvenation?
The pixel lasers are known to remove dark circles, wrinkles, and aged skin and offer a brighter, youthful, and rejuvenated look. The treatment is a safe and easy procedure that takes less than 5 min. to perform with a very short recovery period. Here are some of the benefits of this treatment:

  • Tightens skin.
  • Improves skin tone.
  • Reduces dark circles under the eyes.
  • Stimulates the growth of new collagen.
  • Results are long-lasting.
  • Minimal downtime.


Pixel Laser Dark Circle Treatment in Delhi

Pixel Laser is a safe treatment for all skin types

The treatment is safe for all skin tones as it creates thousands of microscopic perforations and leaves the surrounding skin intact, and thus offers rapid healing and improved complexion. This treatment also triggers a biological process, as the lasers trigger the under-eye skin repair the damage, and decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

Tips That Help To Prevent Dark Circles

To avail of Pixel dark circle removal treatment in Delhi, visit now at Dadu Medical Centre!

  • Take adequate sleep for at least 6-8 hours.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Avoid overuse of laptops and mobiles.
  • Avoid excessive use of cosmetics and rubbing of eyes.
  • Consume antioxidants, minerals, protein, and vitamins rich diet.

To avail of Pixel dark circle removal treatment in Delhi, visit now at Dadu Medical CentreOne can also get information about dark circle treatment cost in Delhi by visiting the centre. It have multiple locations at West Delhi (Rajouri Garden) and South Delhi (Vasant Vihar).

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