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DMC Magic Blend 2.0®

DMC-Magic Blend 2.0® treatment is a skin peel treatment, that is specially designed to target stubborn pigmentation such as melasma, senile lentigo, and chloasma to give a clear skin. This is exclusively available at Dadu Medical Centre and is proven to be one of the best pigmentation treatments in Delhi.

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Magic Blend 2.0 Treatment in Delhi

What does DMC-Magic Blend 2.0® treat?

  • Melasma: Melasma often affects the face and stomach as these areas are often exposed to the sun. This type of hyperpigmentation is very common among individuals with a dark complexion.
  • Sunspots and senile lentigo: Sunspots can affect several body areas such as hands, face, forearms, upper back, upper chest, etc. It occurs due to chronic sun exposure and is identified as tan to dark brown spots.

Pigmentation is one of the common skin problems that is often caused due to abnormal production of melanin pigment resulting in irregular skin tone, dark spots, black spots, and dark and discolored patches on the skin. Common factors responsible for the occurrence of pigmentation are Genetic tendency, Hormonal changes, Excessive sun exposure, Aging, Inflammation, Exposure to chemical-based products, and Photosensitizing medications.

How does DMC-Magic Blend 2.0® work?
The procedure begins after a one-on-one consultation with our dermatologist, followed by a thorough assessment of the skin. Then the skin is prepared for DMC-Magic Blend 2.0® by removing the grease, makeup, and other debris from the skin’s surface. The DMC-Magic Blend 2.0® is a dual-step procedure that corrects and controls the production of new melanin and prevents the reappearance of dark spots or pigmentation patches treated. The first step includes the application of the blend of chemicals to eliminate the dark spots and hyperpigmentation. The peel contains a variety of active ingredients that targets the stubborn pigmentation patches and block the production of melanin.
Whereas, the second step is aftercare that has to be followed to boost the depigmentation result of the customized magic application.

So, DMC-Magic Blend 2.0®  performed at Dadu Medical Centre which provides services at Vasant Vihar (South Delhi) & Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) helps to achieve pigmentation-free skin and the results are long lasting. It can work well for all skin types and pigmentation types including, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It is an innovative blend of chemicals that works effectively to address the concern and give the desired result.


What is the aftercare step of DMC-Magic Blend 2.0® treatment?
To maintain the results of DMC-Magic Blend 2.0® the following aftercare is recommended:

  • Moisturizing and hydrating the skin.
  • Applying sunscreen with SPF 50 or more.
  • Avoiding over-exfoliation of the skin.
  • Following the post care as explained by doctor 

Who is the ideal candidate for DMC-Magic Blend 2.0® treatment?
DMC-Magic Blend 2.0® works best for individuals having:

  • Melasma
  • Uneven, blotchy, and patchy skin
  • Sun damage
  • Chloasma
  • Dull and unhealthy skin


What to expect after the DMC-Magic Blend 2.0® treatment?
DMC-Magic Blend 2.0® is a highly effective treatment that provides the following benefits:

  • Improved skin health
  • Glowing and even-toned skin
  • Oil-free skin
  • Minimized pore size

General Tips to prevent pigmentation : Although skin irregularity or concerns like pigmentation can not be avoided or ruled out completely, one can always take some steps to prevent its severity. Preventive steps for hyperpigmentation are:

  • Avoid direct sunlight : Sun exposure is one of the common aspects that result in the overproduction of melanin which leads to the occurrence of hyperpigmentation. Therefore, one must avoid going out in the sun during peak hours and sit under the shade, and use an umbrella when outdoors.
  • Follow a right skincare routine : Touching the skin now and then can clog the pores with dirt and trigger acne inflammation resulting in pigmentation. Besides this, it is also advised to remove your makeup before you go to bed and follow the right skincare routine to keep it healthy.
  • Use a hat: A hat with a wide brim helps protect the face and scalp from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Application of sunscreen is a must: One must make it a routine to apply sunscreen of SPF 50 even while at home. It helps to protect the skin against the sun and provides a shield from dirt to clog the pores.

To know more, consult with an expert dermatologist in Delhi only at Dadu Medical Centre In Delhi, located at Vasant Vihar (South Delhi) & Rajouri Garden (West Delhi).

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