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Corn and Callus
Foot Corn Removal Treatment in Delhi
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Foot Corn Removal Treatment in Delhi

Annoyed by the corn or callus growth on the skin?

Avail the best corn removal treatment in Delhi at Dadu Medical Centre!


Corn and callus are two kinds of skin lesions wherein a specific skin area becomes thick and hard in response to protection against pressure or friction. These are displeasing in appearance and commonly affect the toes and walls of feet or hands and fingers. A corn is usually associated with pain and inflammation, whereas a callus is painless. A dermatologist can help in finding out whether the hardened skin patch is callus or corn by scraping that affected area.


What are the Signs and Symptoms of corn/callus?
The signs and symptoms of corn/callus are easily identifiable as per the best skin specialists in Delhi. An individual may have corn or callus on their skin if he/she notices:

  • A hardened, swollen bump
  • Dry, waxy, or flaky skin
  • Rough and thick skin
  • Tenderness or pain felt underneath the affected skin With foot corn removal treatment in Delhi one can find relief from all these symptoms. 


What is the difference between corn and callus?


-Corns (hard and soft)

They are small in size with a firm center and inflamed skin all around them. If pressed, they may be painful. These develop on the pressure regions, feet that have ill fitting shoes or arthritis, and on the sides, top, or between the toes. If you have been searching for a corn removal clinic in Delhi, please feel free to visit Dadu Medical Centre.



They are larger than corns but may vary in shape and size. These are painless and are found mostly on the soles of feet. They are observed below the balls or heels, on knees, or palms.

Foot corn removal in Delhi is the most commonly requested procedure. 


What causes callus or corn?

Following are the causes of callus or corns as per the skin treatment doctors in Delhi. Their development and growth are focused on the repetitive injury caused due to protection (from blister formation) against pressure and friction caused by

  1. Not wearing socks- Some people wear sandals and shoes directly, skipping the socks or when the socks do not fit properly. 
  2. Putting on tight or loose-fitted footwear- Individuals who wear tight heels or shoes can have compressed areas of their feet. In contrast, the feet may rub or slide against the loose footwear (like on the stitches inside). This is the most common mistake many people make, says the best corn removal doctor in Delhi. 
  3. Use of hand tools or playing of instruments- The callus growth on hands can arise from writing, using hand devices (such as hammers, racquets), or playing of guitar and other musical instruments. This is due to the certain pressure placed on the hand fingers or palms when used for long.

The thicker stratum corneum (outer epidermal layer) and prickle cell layer are formed due to an increase in the number of keratinocytes (basal epidermal cells). The good thing is that skin doctors in Delhi can provide the most effective callus/ corn removal surgery at an affordable cost in Delhi.

Foot Corn Removal Treatment in Delhi

What is the best treatment for corn removal in Delhi?

Dadu Medical Centre provides the best corn removal treatment in Delhi which is done by a qualified dermatologist. Corns and calluses are not contagious, but they can be discomforting and painful if they get too thick and not treated with proper corn removal treatment in Delhi. People who are suffering from certain deformities of the foot, such as hammertoes, are more prone to get corns and calluses, says the best corn removal doctor in Delhi,Vasant Vihar. Larger corns and calluses cause pain and discomfort or inhibit daily life. The medical care provided by the dermatologist for relief can be

1. Medications
The developed callus can be removed by applying a patch of 40% of salicylic acid. It is recommended that the dead skin cells of the affected area be removed before their use

2. Trimming off the excess skin
The first line of treatment by the doctor would be the examination of callus or corn in detail using a scalpel to remove the thick affected skin.

3. Orthotics
Custom made padded shoe inserts for the foot deformities to prevent the recurrence of callus or corn.

4. Avoiding triggers. This is an important instruction given by corn removal doctors in Delhi to avoid recurrence. 
5. Wear cotton clothes, protective gloves and comfortable shoes while working.

What are the lifestyle or home care tips to prevent Corns and Callus?

The following lifestyle or home care tips to prevent Corns and Callus are suggested as a part of the best corn removal treatment in Delhi.

  • Wear comfortable footwear.
  • Use leather gloves.
  • Apply cushion or corn plaster for even application of pressure.
  • Soak the affected area in warm and saline water to soften it.
  • Use a pumice stone, nail file, etc., for the removal of thickened skin.
  • Apply moisturizers or lubricating ointments and keratolytic cream daily.

To know the cost of corn removal treatment in Delhi, consult Dr. Nivedita Dadu, the best skin specialist in Delhi,Vasant Vihar at Dadu Medical Centre.

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