Martini Treatment For Dark Circles In Delhi, Vasant Vihar, South Delhi

Get rid of dark pigmented under eye circles with DMC-MARTINI® dark circles removal treatment in Delhi offered at Dadu Medical Centre.

Under the eye, dark circles are the one of the most common cosmetic skin concerns in today’s time. It is characterized by the appearance of darkened skin, in shades of blue, purple, brown, or black depending upon the natural skin color/tone, beneath the eyes. It can be caused due to various reasons including aging, heredity, frequent rubbing of the eyes, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, lack of sleep, and even lifestyle factors such as stress, smoking, and excessive alcohol intake. If you are seeking treatment for dark circles in Vasant Vihar (South Delhi) and Rajouri Garden (West Delhi), try out DMC-MARTINI® at Dadu Medical Centre!

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Martini Treatment For Dark Circles In Delhi

DMC-MARTINI® is a revolutionary dermal micro-needling machine designed and made available exclusively by skin professionals at Dadu Medical Centre. It is used to simultaneously infuse skin lightening or rejuvenation serum into the affected skin to target various skin concerns. It is best suited to improve sun damaged or dehydrated and dull skin, pigmentation issues including dark circles, superficial fine lines, uneven skin tone. The DMC-MARTINI® machine has taken the microneedling technique to the whole next level for dark circles.


How does DMC-MARTINI® work?

The DMC-MARTINI® system makes use of a unique amalgam of advanced vacuum and micro needling techniques and unprecedented skin infusions. Microneedling procedure involves the penetration of precisely calibrated hundreds of tiny needles to create micro-channels/pathways to the dermal junction. Through these microchannels, simultaneously infuses powerful active serums into this all-important tissue layer.
The precision-controlled handpiece of the DMC-MARTINI® machine pulls the skin under a vacuum into contact with multiple micro-needles that penetrate the superficial skin and the upper skin dermis (called the papillary layer) without causing any pain or discomfort. The vacuum enables an even penetration into the skin to the full size/depth of the needle and it can be adjusted to allow superficial to deeper skin improvement.
This procedure involves mechanically exfoliate the skin and simultaneously infuse the special serums which makes the entire skin smooth, soft, light-complexioned, and receptive to nutrients. It can even boost new collagen and elastin fibers synthesis

What to expect from DMC-MARTINI® treatment for Managing Dark Circles?

Prior to the DMC-MARTINI® treatment at Dadu Medical Centre, dark circles treatment clinic in Vasant Vihar (South Delhi) and Rajouri Garden (West Delhi), initial photographs are taken of the candidate’s eyes to track their treatment progress. The skin around the candidate’s eyes is properly and gently cleansed. To be ready for the DMC-MARTINI® treatment, it is recommended to avoid any exfoliating or active ingredient skincare products for at least 2 days prior. Also, it is recommended to sun-protect the eyes.
During the DMC-MARTINI® under eye treatment in Vasant Vihar (South Delhi) and Rajouri Garden (West Delhi), a mild microneedling procedure is carried out by placing the handpiece in the under-eye area and followed by short feathering strokes of the device hand probe. At this time, the candidate may experience a light tugging sensation on the skin with simultaneous serum infusion, the serum is tailored to the candidate’s skin and the serum selected by the skin expert.A slight scratching sensation may be felt particularly over sensitive skin, mild erythema is not uncommon.
Following the treatment, the treated under-eye skin may feel warm for up to 24 hours and even slightly red which resolves in a few hours. You may notice fully healed, glowing skin by the end of few weeks. 
It is best performed by a dermatologist in Vasant Vihar (South Delhi) and Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) at Dadu Medical Centre, every 2-6 weeks for a series of 4 treatments depending upon the candidate’s skin condition and concern to be treated. The candidates can expect to notice visible differences in their skin immediately after a single treatment and continual improvement in skin till new collagen is produced. DMC-MARTINI® treatment promises great results when performed 1-2 weeks prior to any major event to rejuvenate and freshen up the skin. The results vary among the candidates as every candidate has different concerns and skin type.  
Which Serums/Solutions are used in DMC-MARTINI® treatment to manage dark circles?
DMC-MARTINI® treatments are available in 3 skin serums to serve different purposes: Hydrate, Rejuvenate, and Lighten. To get rid of under-eye dark circles, the skin experts make use of a lightening serum which works to suppress the activity of melanocytes to stop producing excess melanin (skin-colored pigment) and reduce pigmentation as well as improve skin tone and clarity. They even use a rejuvenating solution containing multiple active ingredients to boost collagen production and help visibly reduce pigmentation and the appearance of dark eye bags. If the skin is dry or dehydrated, the skin experts may use Hydrating serum containing Hyaluronic acid with a patented technology to deeply hydrate the skin and make the skin instantly plump and firm.       
To get the benefits of DMC-MARTINI® under eye dark circles removal treatment in Delhi, pay a visit now at Dadu Medical Centre.
Am I a Suitable Candidate for DMC-MARTINI® treatment for dark circles?
Having an initial consultation with the skin expert in Delhi at Dadu Skin Clinic can help determine whether one is a suitable candidate for DMC-MARTINI® treatment. During the consultation, the skin therapists thoroughly carry out a skin assessment. Next, discuss the treatment goals and expectations and any skin sensitivities, allergies, active infections, or medical issues that one may have, and accordingly custom-design a treatment plan to target the concern.

DMC-MARTINI® treatment is not recommended for anyone who has:

  • Very sensitive skin.
  • Active, severe acne breakouts or taken acne medications like Accutane or blood thinners in the recent past
  • Pregnancy.
  • Dermatitis or fungal or bacterial skin infections.
  • Cold sores.
  • Inflamed, broken, or damaged skin.
  • Skin cancer or suspected skin cancer.

 Note: Pregnant or breastfeeding women must not undergo DMC-MARTINI® treatment.

Benefits of Undergoing DMC-MARTINI® Treatment for Dark Circles:

  • Makes use of highly potent solutions that penetrates the skin and makes the treatment quick, painless, safe, comfortable, and effective without downtime.
  • Suitable for all genders and safe for many skin types.
  • No pain or bleeding during the penetration of the needle. That’s because the depth of the micro needles of the DMC-MARTINI® handpiece is carefully selected by the skin expert such that the microchannels are created just above the blood capillaries and nerve endings underlying the skin.      


  • Resume any active skincare such as the use of active serums and medications after a few days.
  • Avoid sun exposure by using recommended sunscreen,  wearing sunglasses and hats/caps when going outside to protect the new skin from sun damage and possible complications. 

 For more information on dark circles removal treatment cost in Vasant Vihar (South Delhi) and Rajouri Garden (West Delhi), make a visit now with the expert dermatologist at Dadu Medical Centre.

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