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Cyst Removal

A cyst is a closed sac that is formed anywhere inside the body i.e. in tissues, bones, or organs. When formed underneath the skin, it can feel like a kernel or little knot. It appears as a pocket filled with soft, liquid, or/and hard material like bacteria, pus, and/or dead skin cells. This may either begin as an ingrown hair or an infected acne pore. 

Cyst Removal
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Cyst Removal Treatment In Delhi

Cysts can be found in variable sizes. Over time, they may become larger as more and more skin cells get trapped inside them. They are often painless, harmless, slow-growing, and movable skin lumps that can occasionally become tender and swollen. Most patients develop these benign cysts beneath the skin of the neck, face, scalp, and trunk areas.

If a cyst is growing under the skin, then it is very important to get it checked by dermatologists to make sure of its content or type. At Dadu Medical Centre, the best dermatologist in Delhi provides treatment for cyst removal and helps the patient to get rid of pain and concerns caused by the cyst.

Cyst Removal

Common types of cysts

  • Sebaceous cysts (Epidermoid cyst ) - Normally, they are asymptomatic but sometimes they can get inflamed or infected and give a foul-smelling discharge. They are formed when the skin turns inward and create a sac or pocket to confine the skin cells that would normally be cast off. Dermatofibromas are firm, harmless bumps that tend to appear in response to an injury. Epidermoid cysts are formed in deeper skin layers. 
  • Pilar cysts- These appear only on the scalp and feel like a knot under the hair. They can cause hair loss in the areas where they are present or may even get ruptured making it a messy and painful experience.  
  • Digital mucous cysts- These appear as little, clear hard bubbles (like a blister) at the nail base caused by thick, sticky joint fluids.

What are the treatment options to get rid of cysts?

It is always best to have cysts removed by a dermatologist before it bursts, spills their contents, and lead to further issues. Following treatments for cyst removal are offered at Dadu Medical Centre.

1. Drainage: In this method, firstly, the cyst is cleansed and numbed. A doctor may inject a steroid medication directly into the cyst to reduce swelling if the cyst is tender, inflamed, and growing. For drainage, a small incision is made to drain its contents (i.e. excise the cyst and withdraw the fluids). Some gauze may be packed into the wound that can be removed after 1-2 days. This method is not recommended for the removal of pilar or epidermoids. To prevent infection, antibiotics must be taken after this procedure.  

2. Fine needle aspiration: This method involves the insertion of a fine needle into the cyst to withdraw the fluids and make the lump less noticeable. This is mostly a diagnostic method.

3. Surgery: Minor surgery is the best method for removal of Ganglion, dermoid, and Baker’s cysts as it leaves less chance of recurrence of cysts. During a surgical cyst removal in Delhi at Dadu Medical Centre, the pus or fluid discharge along with the walls of the cyst (i.e. the sac) is eliminated. After it, stitches are used to seal the wounds so that the area heals from the inside out. These stitches can be removed after one to two weeks of cyst removal. This procedure results in scar formation whose size depends upon several factors including the cyst size. It is recommended that cyst removal must be performed by an expert skin professional to avoid complications. The surgical cyst removal is performed after cleaning the site and numbing it with local anesthesia. Usually, most cysts can be removed within 30 minutes.

4. Laser cyst removal in Delhi: The laser helps create a small hole by thermal injury to entirely extract the cyst wall with a minimal excision after one month. This method leaves behind a small mark.

To know about cyst removal treatment cost in Delhi, schedule an appointment with the best skin doctors at Dadu Medical Centre.

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