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Neck Rejuvenation

Just as the face is the most visible body part that can get subjected to aging, sun damage, environmental factors, and unhealthy lifestyle habits and results in early signs of  aging concerns, the neck can also show up aging signs. Therefore, caring for aged skin is not exclusive to the face. For most people, wrinkled necks or sagging neck skin are the top complaints shared with skin professionals. Thankfully, there are both surgical and non-surgical options to rejuvenate the neck skin but the surgical approach comes with risks, long recovery, and scarring. That’s why most people opt for non-surgical neck liftprocedures in Delhi offered at Dadu Medical Centre referred to as non-surgical neck lifts to improve their neck contours.

Neck Rejuvenation
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Neck Rejuvenation Treatment In Delhi

What is Non-Surgical Neck Rejuvenation?
Non-surgical neck rejuvenation refers to all those minimally invasive cosmetic procedures designed to combat various aging signs developing on one’s neck. These procedures help to smoothen and tighten loose, crepy neck skin, diminish the appearance of neck bands, and provide a more youthful neck contour- all without using a scalpel. The results of these procedures are not as long-lasting and pronounced as that of neck lift surgery.

To get the benefits of non-surgical neck rejuvenation treatment in Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) and Vasant Vihar (South Delhi), make a visit now at Dadu Medical Centre located in Delhi.

Indications for Non-Surgical Neck Rejuvenation

  • Loose, dangling neck skin and appearance of jowls.
  • Drooping jawline.
  • Double chin.
  • Excess stubborn fat in the neck region.
  • Less firm and undefined jawline.
  • Neck bands or wrinkles in the neck area.
  • Flaccid neck, or neck tension due to unrelaxed vertical neck muscles.

Ideal candidates for Non-Surgical Neck Rejuvenation

  • People with a minimal degree of muscle deformations in the neck, mild skin laxity with a good underlying bone structure, and wanting mild to moderate level of neck skin tightening, or those seeking a moderate level of fat removal from the neck area.
  • Men and women who do not want a dramatic reduction of extra neck skin and neck lifting and are within 30lbs of their ideal body weight.
  • Individuals who wish for a youthful-looking neck profile.
  • Healthy adults who have realistic outcome expectations from their treatment.
  • Non-smokers.
  • Non-pregnant and lactating women.


Best Options for Non-Surgical Neck Rejuvenation: How do they work?
Following are the Best Non-Surgical Neck Lift Skin Tightening Procedures in Delhi offered at Dadu Medical Centre
1. Thread Lift
Sometimes, referred to as a “lunchtime lift”, a thread lift is a minimally-invasive approach involving the use of dissolvable, barbed threads in the neck area to tighten the neck skin and mechanically create a subtle neck lift. Other than re-positioning the neck skin in a secure place for a more youthful neck contour, the threads inserted into the skin also stimulates collagen production which makes the neck skin healthier and firmer than before.

The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia. The results gradually become apparent (usually after a few weeks) as bruising and swelling subside and the appearance of the neck continues to improve till new collagen production is there. Usually, after 6 to 8  months, the candidates have to repeat the procedure to maintain their results.
2. Injectable Neuromodulator (Anti-wrinkle Injections)
Anti-wrinkle injections contain neuromodulators containing different kinds of anti-aging proteins. These are injectable therapies that can help reduce the dynamic wrinkles formation in the neck region by relaxing the muscles and controlling the over activity of the muscles producing wrinkles or bands in neck.

The entire procedure is very quick and painless as it just involves pricking the skin with sterile needles filled with anti-aging proteins. Some candidates can see smoothening of their neck bands in just 2-4 days of receiving injections. To maintain the effects of anti-wrinkle injections, the candidates are expected to go in for treatment after every 3-4 months.

Dr.NiveditaDadu may recommend anti-wrinkle injections in the jawline, also known as masseter anti wrinkle injections, for enhanced outcomes. The masseter muscles cover the bone of the lower jawbone around the ears. Anti-wrinkle injections lowers the activity of the muscle, making the jaw look smaller and more relaxed. Learn more about masseter anti-wrinkle injections and how they can help to trim and shape the face and jawline with Dr.NiveditaDadu at Dadu Medical Centre located in Delhi. This helps the neck appear more supple and robust. In modifying the neck and jaw region, the chin is a crucial component.
3. Fractionated Laser Skin Resurfacing
Ablative lasers like Erbium laser or Fractional CO2 lasers can selectively produce heat in the superficial skin of the neck and result in textural improvements, skin contraction, and new collagen growth. As the skin epidermis heals and regrows, smoother and tighter skin is revealed. Fractional CO2 Laser skin rejuvenation is an effective solution with long-term efficacy. However, there are non-ablative lasers that are preferred for being a less aggressive approach and needing minimal downtime. These lasers can tighten the loose neck skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and creases on the neck by heating the dermis and stimulating collagen production as well as tightening existing collagen fibers.
4. Injectable Dermal Fillers
Soft tissue fillers can help fill in the lost volume in the neck area and smoothen wrinkles. There are different collagen-stimulating fillers available such as hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, PMMA, and more. When fillers are injected into the neck, the practitioner makes use of a blunt-tipped microcannula instead of needles. The results usually last for anywhere about 6-12 months and sometimes longer, depending upon the type of filler used. 

When regenerating the neck and neck region, a number of variables must be taken into account. A consultation with Dr.NiveditaDadu, best dermatologist in Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) and Vasant Vihar (South Delhi), at Dadu Medical Centre located in Delhi is the simplest way to determine if one is a candidate for a comprehensive neck rejuvenation procedure in Delhi that will make the neck look younger and smoother.
5. Ultherapy
It is the sole non-invasive, in-office procedure that is FDA-cleared to lift the neck, jawline as well as chin and eyebrow.

After the conducting gel is applied, the practitioner uses a handheld device that delivers ultrasound energy deep into the skin of the neck and chin to produce heat at the SMAS level and stimukate collagen producing cells in  the subcutaneous layers and subsequently encourage collagen production. Collagen is a skin structural protein that is vital for achieving smooth, firm skin.

Ultherapy bypasses the superficial skin of the neck through ultrasound energy with focused imaging. By Ultherapy, the healthcare practitioner could precisely target the right amount at an appropriate depth and specific temperature to lift and support deep-seated skin layers of the neck.

The overall procedure takes about 60-90 minutes to get over. Its results may vary among the candidates. Generally, the results and improvement in the neck skin can appear over 2-3 months as new collagen production continues and last for up to a year.

6. DMC- Fat Blast
In DMC - Fat blast, the ingredients together liquefy, dissolve and eliminate the fat from the double chin, which causes acute vacuolization of adipocytes and inflammation within the septae destroy the Fat cells resulting in fat necrosis gradually. The procedure usually takes 30-40 minutes. The treated area after the procedure is red, swollen and sometimes a bit painful. In rare cases it may cause bruising. After 3 days or so, everything returns to normal. The first effect can be seen after 15-20 days and then fully after 4 weeks. It helps in contouring the chin area and hence gives an overall enhancement.
To know more about neck lift without surgery in Delhi, book a visit now with the best skin experts at Dadu Medical Centre.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Neck Rejuvenation

  • Generally, most non-surgical procedures to rejuvenate the neck gets completed in about 30-90 minutes i.e. in a short time as compared to having hours of neck surgery.
  • The non-surgical neck lift is much cheaper.
  • The procedures are associated with quick recovery time and minimal side effects like mild swelling, redness, soreness, irritation, and tenderness at the treated site that resolves soon.
  • There is no need for the use of general anesthesia, making large incisions, and using sutures, therefore there are fewer risks overall.
  • There is no downtime which means the candidates can return to their work and normal routine soon after.

Neck rejuvenation treatment offered at Dadu Medical Centre, anti-aging clinic in Delhi can make a person appear younger and increase their self-esteem. It is essential to remember, however, that therapy outcomes may vary from individual to individual. Prior to undergoing any cosmetic treatment, it is essential to discuss expectations with the doctor to determine what will work best depending on the patient's individual needs.

To know more about neck rejuvenation treatment cost in Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) and Vasant Vihar (South Delhi), make a visit now at Dadu Medical Centre located in Delhi.

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