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Unwanted skin growth Treatment in Delhi

Many people encounter undesirable skin growths that give them a displeasing appearance, but one must not worry about physical health. Some of the non-preferable skin growths include skin tags, seborrheic keratosis, sebaceous hyperplasia, moles, and milia. Dermatologists can help get rid of them by using different techniques and help boost the self-confidence of such individuals by offering them smooth and clear skin.

Skin Growth

What are the different types of skin growths and their treatments?

The different types of skin growths and their treatments are explained below by Dr. Nivedita Dadu, one of the best dermatosurgeons in Delhi


1. Mole removal
Moles are commonly found as small dark brown spots formed due to the clustering of pigmented skin cells. Most of the moles fade away with time, but some are present in noticeable areas in more numbers. The raised moles can be treated by shaving the superficial skin. Laser treatment can also be done for moles. 


2. Skin tags removal 
Skin tags are painless skin growths that commonly hang in the folds or creases of the skin. Such skin growths can be removed by radiofrequency ablation at the base of the tag to let them fall off. 


3. Seborrheic keratosis removal treatment 
These are benign skin lesions that are commonly present in adult & elderly patients. It is caused by proliferation of immature keratinocytes resulting in well demarcated, round or oval dark brown or black skin lesions. 


4. Wart removal treatment
Warts are a type of skin infection caused by Human Papillomavirus. It causes rough, skin coloured lesions. They most commonly appear on hands, feet, and face. It is contagious & can spread from one person to another. 


5. Sebaceous hyperplasia treatment
These are the overgrowths of sebum glands that result in the appearance of yellowish papules with a central dell. The electro-desiccation method is used to treat this skin condition. First, the treatment site is numbed, and then an electric current is delivered using an electric needle to melt the oil glands and make the skin surface flat.


6. Milia treatment 
These are tiny cysts of white color that are found as bumps mostly on the face. The extraction method using a sharp needle or instrument is carried out to treat milia. A tiny hole is made first at the top, and from the lateral edges, pressure is applied, which causes oozing of cyst contents and formation of scab that heals after some days. 


7. Callus and corn removal treatment 
These corn and calluses are not contagious, and they may be painful if not treated correctly. If not treated, it can lead to serious foot problems in people with decreased circulation and even diabetes. Larger corns and calluses can cause pain and discomfort and also affect one’s daily life, so it is important that one takes treatment before they become severe. 


Any new growth on the skin can be a cause of concern, especially if it changes quickly. 


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