Acne Scar Treatment in Delhi | Laser Acne Scar Removal in Delhi
Acne Scar Treatment

Acne or pimples are caused due to bacterial infections or accumulation of oil and dead skin cells in pores or in the follicles underneath the skin layer. The inflammations cause redness and sometimes are also painful.  Acne may disappear on its own after a few days but mostly leave behind  scars.

Acne Scar Treatment in Delhi

Acne Scar Treatment In Delhi

The damaged skin cells trigger some mechanisms in the body that causes the pigment to produce or loss of collagen production thus causing dark color or deep indentations in affected areas. The dark spots or acne scars are not painful or lethal to the person, but they rarely disappear on their own and therefore cause much more psychological distress and self-consciousness than acne.

Acne Scar Treatment in Delhi
Factors that cause acne scars

Acne scars are formed by the damaged tissues left after acne bumps settle down; therefore, it is important to know about the reasons that cause acne so that they can be prevented and thus the other associated consequences.

  • The allergic reactions caused by dust or pollutants or pollens, or any other possible allergen can cause acne leading to acne scars.
  • Some people have much sensitive skin than others, so their skin gets affected more easily, and they experience more acne scars and other skin issues.
  • Diet is very important, avoid high glycemic index food since these can cause acne because of overproduction of sebum and leading to inflammation and may also cause bacterial multiplication as well.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight and UV radiation can affect the skin through acne breakout and hyperpigmentation problems.
  • Changes in the hormonal balance of the body can lead to acne, which is more often experienced by females than males.The female body undergoes hormonal changes every month during the menstrual cycle that surely cause acne at different levels in every woman.
  • Males also experience hormonal changes, especially during puberty, that cause acne breakout in them too. Stressful conditions also cause drastic hormonal changes in the body leading to similar consequences for skin and cause acne and acne scars.
  • Sometimes the adverse effects from medicines can also be observed as an adverse reaction on the skin like redness, inflammation, or acne and acne scar.
  • Another possible cause for acne and thus acne scars is the overuse of cosmetic products that contain concentrated chemical substances, which may damage skin up to the inner layers.

Best Acne Scar Treatments in Delhi at Dadu Medical Centre
Depending on the type of skin and severity of acne scars, Dr. Nivedita Dadu, leading dermatologist at Dadu medical Centre, prescribes the most suitable treatments to her patients including the following

1. Tixel
This method involves heat energy that causes thermolysis of damaged skin tissues, as in the case of laser therapy but it is a non-laser based treatment procedure. It uses the heat energy directly, instead of a laser beam that gets converted into heat, which touches the skin to destroy damaged tissues causing minute or micro-injuries and gives a acne scar free skin. This stimulates collagen and elastin production in the body along with the initiation of the body's natural healing mechanism. The heat energy is transferred directly and more quickly to the skin than the laser leading to the evaporation of water from the skin along with the dead cells in the upper layer that prevent the skin layer from burning. The tixel device has a titanium tip which is made up of tiny pins. The temperature of the pins can be raised up to 400ºC, and this thermal energy is transferred to the skin very fast (touches the skin for a few milliseconds only) with the depth and time of contacts present on the device.

This treatment can be done at any region on the face, even around the eyes, since heat is not as harmful to eyes like that of laser light. It is not a painful procedure, but a little burning sensation can be felt at the area to be treated. Minimal downtime after the treatment can be experienced in form of slight redness and swelling for 2-3 days.

2. Dermaroller
This treatment is best suitable for patients with mild scarring only. A derma roller is a handheld device in which some microneedles are present at one end, which is rolled on the skin to create minor injuries. These injuries cause the body to produce more growth factors by stimulating the healing process, which in turn produces collagen, elastin, and other required substances. The modified or advanced procedure of derma rollers treatment uses additional substances like medications or serums like hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, growth factors, etc., to enhance treatment speed and efficiency. The injuries by derma rollers help these substances to penetrate deeper inside the skin layers processing the healing mechanism more potently. The injuries by microneedling may cause slight discomfort for a few days, which can be comforted by applying ice packs. Few sessions of derma roller treatment done at regular intervals are required to achieve desired results.

3. Erbium Laser
It is a type of laser treatment that involves non-ablative fractional laser beams. It is a non-invasive technique (non-ablative); hence does not involve any incision or damage to skin cells, and fractional means that it treats only a particular region or fraction of skin at a time. The laser beam is absorbed by the pigment, which is accumulated at one place in case of an acne scar. The laser beam induces stimulation of collagen and growth factors produced by the surrounding cells.

This treatment needs a lesser recovery period as compared to other types of laser treatments. Unlike the Tixel treatment, water does not evaporate during the heat generated by the laser beam (since it is a non-ablative treatment method), but the tissues are heated in a controlled way that stimulates new collagen fibre formation, thus renewing the cells.Mild erythema after the treatment can be expected. Advancement in this technology uses deeper penetration by laser pulses which are fractionated that saves the surrounding healthy tissues to be affected by the laser, while deeper penetration helps in treating the acne scars caused by inner layers damage as well.

4. Fractional CO2 Laser
In Fractionated CO2 laser treatment, long-wavelength lasers are used because the shorter wavelengths do not reach the deeper tissues. The longer wavelength of CO2 laser has higher penetration power that can reach deeper cells underneath the skin layer without harming the epidermal cells. The damaged tissues are destroyed using laser beams, and then the body heals itself by stimulating collagen production. In this treatment, a fractionated ablative laser (CO2) beam is used. 

The treatment is named ‘fractionated’ CO2 laser treatment because the laser beam is pixelated or fractionated into microscopic beams of smaller fragments that treat small portions of tissues that help in particularly targeting the acne scars region only, and the ablative refers to the evaporation that causes the dead cells layer to vaporize when the laser beam is converted into heat. The multiple microscopic (vertical) areas or small columns of damaged tissues are called microscopic treatment zones (MTZ), and small fragments of energy pass down through the skin to these zones (in affected areas) vertically. 

MTZ surrounded by undamaged skin gets nutrients for healing since a tissue repair response is induced after laser treatment producing more collagen and elastin that regenerates the elasticity and smoothness in the skin. The laser parameters are prefixed on the device according to the depth and severity of scarred or damaged tissues. Cooling devices are also associated with the laser emitting instrument, which is being used during treatment, and repeated cooling is provided to reduce patients’ discomfort. This treatment is not painful, but some hot needle pricking is felt when the laser touches the skin, although numbing cream is applied beforehand to avoid excessive swelling and redness, especially for sensitive skin.

Micro Needling Radio Frequency (MNRF) is a fractional treatment procedure to treat acne scars. Microneedling, in combination with the radio frequency pulsation, is used to treat the scarred tissues in a very advanced and effective way. The microneedles, which are attached at one end of a hand held probe is held over the target area to stimulate the healing mechanism of the body by producing growth factors, but the twist in the procedure is that RF or Radio Frequency pulse is also used, which is targeted at the affected area to degrade the collagen fibres (unlike all other treatment methods) and production of new collagen. Fibroblasts are stimulated that generate collagen fibres since the old collagen may not heal the skin as effectively as the newer ones without leaving any scar or mark on the skin. It makes the skin look younger, healthier, and smoother than before, which can be maintained for a longer time by following the precautions from dermatologists.

Best ways to prevent acne scars

  • Washing the face with a foaming and face wash daily or twice a day and exfoliating once a week at least to remove dead cells and prevent them from clogging the pores is the most basic skincare routine that one could follow. Proper skin care routine to avoid any acne or thereafter acne scars is recommended
  • Keeping a healthy and balanced diet with adequate hydration is important as the body needs to be detoxified to prevent all these skin concerns. This makes the skin look more glowing and youthful skin and a well hydrated skin will always have a better texture. 
  • Dr. Nivedita Dadu always advises to avoid direct exposure to sunlight and UV radiation as they can affect the skin in many ways. Acne breakout and hyperpigmentation are among them. Sunscreens are a must even indoors.
  • To prevent acne scars formation, the bad habit of picking on acne and bumps on skin needs to be stopped completely for the starter while other treatments should be followed as per the doctors’ advice.
  • The patient must undergo early and adequate treatment to prevent the formation of acne scar.

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