Biggest Skincare Mistakes Men Make and How to Avoid Them

Biggest Skincare Mistakes Men Make and How to Avoid Them

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Biggest Skincare Mistakes Men Make and How to Avoid Them

Dr. Nivedita Dadu June 11, 2024

Skincare is often ignored by Men, although it's a very important part of maintaining a healthy, and radiant skin. Common mistakes and improper skincare routines tend to cause many skin issues and concerns. In today's blog, we'll explore the biggest skincare mistakes men make and also give you some practical suggestions to avoid them.

  • Ignoring Skincare Completely:

Well, the biggest mistake men make is they completely ignoring skincare. They often consider skincare to be unimportant, and most of the time they are not able to understand the right skincare routine for them, thus these two primary reasons lead them to ignore skincare.

Solution: It's very important to understand that skincare is an essential part of your daily routine. It is important to understand that a male skin is different from a female skin and hence it requires its own specific skincare routine to maintain skin health and keep skin concerns under control.

  • Applying Bar Soap on face:

Usually men are seen to use regular bar soap to wash their face but what they don't know is that bar soap can strip the skin of its natural oils.

Solution:  instead of using a bar soap, you should use a gentle facial cleanser crafted for your skin type. Facial cleansers are made to clean your face,  without disrupting the skin's pH balance of your skin.

  • Not Applying Moisturizer on daily basis:

Another mistake done by Men is that they avoid applying moisturizers on a daily basis. The misconception is that they believe that moisturizer is used for dry skin, this concept is completely wrong; Moisturizer is a must for all skin types.

Solution: Moisturizer is a must for all skin types. A moisturizer helps you in maintaining the skin's protection barrier, it help prevents dryness and controls excess oil production in oily skin. Always remember to choose the right moisturizer according to your skin type.

  • Ignoring Sunscreen:

Just like most people Men also fail to apply sunscreen on a daily basis, especially indoors, because they think sunscreen is only important for beach days.

Solution: Using sunscreen with SPF 40 on a daily basis is very important. UV Exposure can lead to premature aging, sunburns, dark spots, pigmentation and other sun spots. Thus it is very essential to apply sunscreen every morning after applying a moisturizer. Also remember, you have to apply sunscreen even if you are indoors.

  • Wrong Shaving Techniques:

Shaving with wrong techniques and dull/used blades leads to irritation and razor marks.

Solution: Always use a sharp, clean and fresh razor and shave from the direction of your hair growth. Also, use a shaving gel or shaving cream to reduce friction and don't forget to apply an after shave balm or gel after shaving for soothing your skin.

  • Improper Exfoliation:

Men tend to skip exfoliation, which tends to cause building up of dead skin cells, and leads to dullness and clogged pores and multiple other skin concerns

Solution: Include Exfoliation in your routine at least once a week. Always use a gentle scrub or mild chemical exfoliators as recommended by your doctor as per your skin type which tends to remove dead skin cells and enhance cell turnover. It helps maintain healthy skin and reduce detanning and dullness.

  • Applying products that are suitable for your skin type:

Men often apply skincare products without considering their skin type, which tends to cause skin issues. They often tend to follow the skin care products that the females around them use.

Solution: It is essential to now your skin type first, and understands that male and female skin requirements are different. Thus incorporate skincare products according to your skin type. You can consult your dermatologist for right skincare routine as per your skin type and skin concern.

  • Improper diet and lifestyle choices:

Consuming a diet which is high in processed food and not getting enough sleep and exercise also plays a pivotal role in causing skin issues. Alcohol or smoking can also degrade skin health with time.

Solution: Try to consume a balanced diet which is rich in fruits, vegetables, proteins and healthy fats. Apart from this also do exercise regularly that boosts circulation, and proper sleep which will help your skin to repair and regenerate. Reduce smoking and alcohol intake and improve water intake to keep yourself well hydrated.

Avoiding these common skincare mistakes can make a major difference in your skin health and overall appearance.

Keep Healthy Keep Glowing!


Dr. Nivedita Dadu

Dr. Nivedita Dadu

Dr. Nivedita Dadu is a renowned dermatologist with over 18 years of experience, specializing in advanced dermatology treatments and cosmetology. She founded the Dadu Medical Centre, which is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive skin care solutions. Dr. Dadu is also a member of various prestigious dermatology associations and actively participates in national and international conferences. She regularly contributes to several medical journals, newspapers, clinical research, and conducts lectures all over the country and internationally.

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