How to Remove Facial Hair? - 7 Ways That Work

How to Remove Facial Hair? - 7 Ways That Work

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How to Remove Facial Hair? - 7 Ways That Work

Dr. Nivedita Dadu December 28, 2022

Everyone witnesses hair development on every part of the body. Hair removal is an easy and straightforward process to understand. But when it comes to shaving off facial hair, individuals frequently fret about the best technique because it is more difficult to remove facial hair than body hair. Moreover, one is also concerned about avoiding problems like cuts, bruises, or marks, as it’s about the face, and one can’t take any risks to put it at stake. 

Therefore, if one is seeking various methods of getting rid of facial hair from the area around the chin, on the upper lip, or between the brows. In that case, we assure one that the methods explained below by the expert dermatologist, Dr. Nivedita Dadu, who is known for providing the best beauty facial services in Delhi, is all one needs to know about for deciding which way is helpful for one.

7 ways of facial hair removal:
1. Tweezing
Any type of facial hair can be removed with it. However, it's primarily used to tame wayward, unruly hair and contour eyebrows. A less expensive technique that functions slightly differently than shaving is tweezing. In contrast to shaving, this technique removes hairs from the roots. The growth of the hair will be at a more natural tapered edge because it is not clipped mid-shaft. According to one’s hair growth rate, the results should last between two and six weeks. There is very little chance of irritation.

Tweezing is often not painful, however, it can sometimes cause a little discomfort or inflammation in certain cases. Moreover,  it’s essential to disinfect the tweezers before and after plucking to avoid any infections. 

2. Electrolysis
Electrolysis might be a wonderful option if one is busy and doesn't have much time for routine shaving or tweezing. This is a prevalent technique for getting rid of facial hair. Electrolysis is a process that uses an epilator device to send electric currents through the follicles to remove hairs and stop the growth of new hair. As effective as this treatment can sound, the doctor mentions that it’s not just a one-sitting procedure. One would need multiple follow-ups with the doctor to get rid of facial hair. To consider this treatment, one can get a consultation at Dadu Medical Centre, skin clinic in Delhi, at multiple locations Vasant Vihar, South Delhi & Rajouri Garden, and West Delhi. Though there are more advanced options available as well.

3. Threading
It is one of the methods for removing facial hair that is most frequently used. For precise brow shape and hair removal, a string is used. It is a quick hair removal method that is also cost-effective and chemical-free. One of the most popular and traditional methods of shaving the face is threading. With this technique, undesirable facial hair can be removed from the forehead, chin, upper lip, and side of the face. Unwanted hair is pulled and twisted by a thread to separate it from the hair follicle. As it is a chemical free method there is less chance of skin reactions.
The effects should persist longer than those from shaving or using tweezers. 

4. Laser Hair Reduction
The common issue everyone encounters is that outcomes of hair removal treatments frequently don't last for an extended period of time. If one is looking for long-term hair reduction, Dr. Nivedita Dadu, known for performing the best laser hair removal in Delhi, advises one to get laser hair removal. This method uses pulsating beams and a laser to deactivate hair follicles, resulting in hair reduction. This is a hair reduction method that requires successive sessions at the gap of about a few weeks to a few months or depending on one’s growth rate. The freshly produced hair is also finer and barely visible. After several sessions of laser hair reduction, one can achieve long lasting benefits also. 

5. Dermaplaning
Dermaplaning is a type of facial shaving in which the top layer of dead skin is removed by an exfoliating procedure. In this technique, a dermatologist removes fine facial hair or peach fuzz by using a medical scalpel that resembles a tiny razor. A qualified doctor or dermatologist should do this facial procedure, advises Dr. Nivedita Dadu, the founder of Dadu Medical Centre, as it requires a steady hand and professional precision. This should not be done at home as there is a chance that it will result in unintended cuts or other problems.

6. Epilating
Epilation is a method of getting rid of facial hair that can work for up to four weeks. If one wants to stop frequently shaving or tweezing, this may be helpful. Epilators are electrical tools that function similarly to razors and tweezers. The sole variation is that epilators simultaneously grasp several hairs and cut them off at the root. Contrary to what it might sound like, this method of shaving off face hair is painless and clean. Epilation can sometimes cause hair to regrow, but the new hair are softer and finer. Strands could become less visible.

To learn more about the pros and cons of these facial hair removal techniques, book an appointment with Dr. Nivedita Dadu, a renowned dermatologist and laser expert in Delhi


Dr. Nivedita Dadu

Dr. Nivedita Dadu

Dr. Nivedita Dadu is a renowned dermatologist with over 18 years of experience, specializing in advanced dermatology treatments and cosmetology. She founded the Dadu Medical Centre, which is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive skin care solutions. Dr. Dadu is also a member of various prestigious dermatology associations and actively participates in national and international conferences. She regularly contributes to several medical journals, newspapers, clinical research, and conducts lectures all over the country and internationally.

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