The Best Tips to take care of Curly Hair during weather change!

The Best Tips to take care of Curly Hair during weather change!

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The Best Tips to take care of Curly Hair during weather change!

Dadu Medical Centre August 23, 2022

Curly hair is a dominant trait, and curls are hereditary. If your parents have curly hair or even one parent does, you’ll end up having either curly or wavy hair. Hair demands extra attention during the seasonal change and having curly hair makes this mandatory. 

As humidity and heat constantly vary, managing and tackling curly hair becomes a tricky task. The tight cuticles of the curly hair cannot retain the moisture, so it ends up absorbing the moisture from the ambience and swells up. It makes the texture of the curly hair appear dry and frizzy and also causes damage to cuticles and further swelling. Thus, it becomes extremely important to pay more attention to your curly hair so that they stay healthy and strong in all seasons. 

Below mentioned are some hair care tips for making your curls look great during the humid summer and seasonal changes:

1. Keep your hair moisturized

As we learned that it is hard for the curly hair type to retain moisture, so there is a need for products that will seal in the moisture after you have hydrated your curls. Use the glazy, syrupy gels to minimize the frizz. It helps in retaining the moisture and will eventually enhance the curly patterns. These gels contain moisture-attracting ingredients to help keep dry hair hydrated. Applying gels over your leave-in conditioner is advisable as it will minimize the frizz like a pro. 
2. Safeguard your hair from the sun

Use natural UV filtering products like shea butter and sesame oil to protect them from harmful UV rays. However, if you are out in the sun for more than an hour, it is advisable to add stylish hats or scarfs to your look, to be more protective.

3. Use Emollients to Refresh
A fragrant emollient product (soothing product) will help freshen the curly hair and keep it from drying out between washes. Use a styling gel that will smooth hair, add a shine and act as a protective barrier. 

4. Balance an Oily Scalp 
Seasonal changes are mostly accompanied by oily hair and an oily scalp. Thus, it’s better to start using sulphate-free hair care products on the curly hair. Investing in a good sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner will not only assist in keeping the oil in control but will also balance the scalp's pH levels that prevent any seasonal irritation or allergies.

5. Wash hair 2-3 Times weekly 
To keep your scalp clean, wash the curly hair at least 2-3 times a week. If the scalp feels itchy and flaky, go for the shampoo containing ketoconazole. This medicated shampoo helps to treat fungal infections.

6. Reduce Heat Damage 
During the summer, curly hair is already exposed to high heat, and using heat styling products will make it look drier and damage them more. Thus, avoid using heat styling tools when the temperature rises. Nevertheless, if you are still willing to use the heating equipment to make your curly hair look less frizzy, then it’s wiser to control the damage by using a potent serum as a heat protector. 

7. Refrigerate conditioners and stylers
For having a refreshing wash and wear, refrigerate your stylers and conditioners. It will make your curly hair have an ultra-cool experience. This experience will encourage the cuticle to close. Choose hair care products that have an acidic pH as it helps the cuticles stay closed. 

8. Avoid curly hair bleaching 
It’s better not to go for a drastic hair color change. More specifically, the ones which involve bleaching the hair. The use of harsh chemicals during the seasonal change will dehydrate the curly hair even more. 

9. Use humectant-filled hair care products
Humectant-filled hair care products contain hydrating components such as honey, wheat protein, fructose, sorbitol, glycerin, panthenol, etc., which keep your curly hair look less wavy and more smooth and more attractive. 

10. Regular hair oiling
It’s necessary to take good care of the ends of your curly hair during seasonal change as they are more prone to get damaged during changing climatic conditions. Put oil on them regularly to keep their moisture intact. Moisturized hair will help keep your curly hair less damaged, as non-moisturized hair is the major reason for hair breakage or split ends. 

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