Neoclone Treatment for Stretch Marks Removal In Delhi, Vasant Vihar

Bothered by the appearance of red, purple, white, or silverish marks on the skin? These skin markings are stretch marks. The red or purple marks on the skin are newly formed stretch marks while the white or fleshy ones are the mature stretch marks formed when the new ones start to fade away over time. The new stretch marks are generally more responsive to treatments than the older stretch marks because with advancing age the blood vessels narrow down and it is difficult to boost collagen production in response to the treatments. With the DMC-Neoclone® treatment in Delhi for Stretch Marks removal offered at Dadu Medical Centre in Delhi located at Vasant Vihar, South Delhi and Rajouri Garden,West Delhi, one can improve the stretch marks.

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Neoclone Treatment for Stretch Marks Removal In Delhi

What are Stretch Marks?
Stretch marks are a kind of scar that develop on the skin as a result of abrupt rapid stretching beyond the elastic limit of the skin and shrinking of the skin. These narrow skin bands are formed due to rupturing of the collagen and elastin fibers -the two supportive skin structural proteins leading to unusual skin healing. They are formed in the middle skin layer (the dermis). Most likely stretch marks are noticed because of rapid weight loss or gain, pregnancy, growth spurts at the time of puberty (in adolescents), and rapid muscle growth during weight training.  

Why do Stretch Marks Appear?
There are various causative factors of stretch marks such as:

  • Pregnancy- At this time, the tummy rapidly gets enlarged, and the skin of the belly gets extremely stretched to accommodate the baby inside, thereby causing unattractive scars called stretch marks. Additionally, hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy may also contribute to the occurrence of stretch marks. 
  • Puberty- When a children hit puberty, stretch marks can start to appear on different body parts, hips and breasts in girls while a boy may witness stretch marks firstly around their thighs and arms or back if there is sudden height spurt.
  • Weight Fluctuation- Anyone who suddenly experiences a significant weight gain or loss would develop stretch marks on their body.
  • Heredity- Some people have a genetic predisposition to the occurrence of stretch marks.
  • Some Medical Conditions- Include health concerns such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Cushing’s Syndrome, and Marfan’s Syndrome, which result in a rise in levels of cortisone in the body. Cortisone hormones are known to reduce skin’s elasticity and thickness which makes the skin more prone to stretch marks.  
  • Corticosteroids- Long-term use of topical or oral corticosteroids and even steroid injections taken for bodybuilding can lead to stretch marks due to a decline in skin elasticity and thinning of the skin. 

If one is experiencing stretch marks and searching for the procedure of stretch marks reduction in Delhi, consult now Dr. Nivedita Dadu at Dadu Medical Centre in Delhi located at Vasant Vihar, South Delhi and Rajouri Garden, West Delhi.

DMC-Neoclone®- A Minimal Touch Technique to Get Rid of Stretch Marks
DMC-Neoclone® is the most sought-after, highly innovative skin resurfacing and rejuvenating skin treatment that can help make stretch marks less noticeable by encouraging collagen production. It is a combination of DMC-Neoclone® technology and growth factor therapy. The procedure is painless and the results are long-lasting.  

To fetch the benefits of stretch marks removal, consult Dr. Nivedita Dadu, the best dermatologist in Delhi at Dadu Medical Centre in Delhi located at Vasant Vihar, South Delhi and Rajouri Garden, West Delhi. Many patients have achieved smooth skin with this DMC-Neoclone® technology.

Ideal Candidates for DMC-Neoclone® Treatment

  • Healthy individuals who want to achieve clearer skin by reduction in appearance of  unwelcome stretch marks. 
  • People who have any skin type but without active skin infections or conditions that affect the results of the treatment. 
  • Non-pregnant and non- nursing women.

What to Expect?
Before the treatment, the candidates must go for an initial consultation with the dermatologist or the healthcare provider at Dadu Medical Centre, skin clinic in Delhi to discuss their medical history, current intake of medications, and their desires and expectations. Around 30-40 minutes before commencing with the treatment, the stretch marks area is numbed with topical anesthetic. 

The treatment process involves first the application of a DMC-Neoclone® device over the area to be treated. DMC-Neoclone® is an array of tiny pins with pyramidal-shaped titanium tips of about 20 microns in size and covering about 1-2 cm of the treatment site. When the light from the DMC-Neoclone® is focused onto the skin surface, it creates micro-wounds in the skin.  

In the next step, a small amount of the patient’s blood is drawn out of the patient’s left arm via a sterile syringe. The blood is then centrifuged for around 10 minutes at a specific temperature, pressure, and speed to separate the components of the blood. Centrifugation results in the physical separation of the solid and liquid parts of the blood: red blood cells (erythrocytes), white blood cells (leukocytes), pla-telets (thrombocytes), and pla-sma (the liquid matrix). Once this step is over, 5-7 milliliters of pla-telet-enriched plas-ma (having 5 times more platelets than regular blood) is extracted and collected in a syringe to be immediately administered. This growth factor injection is administered into the area where micro-injuries were created by DMC-Neoclone®

The duration of the overall treatment depends upon the size of the area having stretch marks and also the extent of the skin condition. The desired results of the treatment last for 4-6 months. Follow-up sessions every 1 month are required to ensure noticeable desired results.

Post-treatment Instructions 

  • Avoid scratching or rubbing the treated skin.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure to the treated area until the skin heals completely. 
  • Take proper care of the skin as directed by the treating doctor. 
  • Do not apply make-ups or use any harsh skin products until the skin heals. 
  • Avoid using the sauna, taking hot showers/baths, use of tanning beds, and doing physical workouts for a few days.
How Does the Treatment Work?

It is the aggressive kind wherein the device creates deep or shallow micro-injuries in the skin because of the evaporation of water from the skin. It exfoliates the top skin layers to reveal the underlying new, healthier, and refreshing skin and even aid in collagen remodeling that effectively fades away the stretch marks. Using medium skin penetration and high contact time, DMC-Neoclone® works in ablative mode in addition to growth factors infusion  to help get rid of stretch mark

The growth factor injections provide the essential proteins which help in repairing skin damage, encourage blood circulation, and offer the best skin rejuvenation benefits.  

Interested to know more about DMC-Neoclone® treatment for stretch marks removal cost in Delhi, consult with the skin expert Dr. Nivedita Dadu at Dadu Medical Centre in Delhi located at Vasant Vihar, South Delhi and Rajouri Garden,West Delhi.

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