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Want an athletic body appearance?

HyperSculpt is the ultimate body toning treatment in Delhi available at Dadu Medical Centre in Vasant Vihar & Rajouri Garden.

It is known to provide athletic body as this unique technology not only helps to get rid of the unwanted stubborn fat cells but also helps in toning the muscles. Thus providing a chiseled or sculpted appearance to both male & female candidates. 

HyperSculpt is FDA cleared non-surgical body shaping technique that is proven capable of transforming the entire body and helping one achieve their dream body shape!


What is HyperSculpt all about?
In this age of advanced medical technologies, several options are available in the market for those who want to shed unwanted fat and sculpt their bodies as per their choice. Although, not all may be as effective as they claim. 

HyperSculpt is the first-ever non-invasive option for patients of all ages who want to make their bodies like athletes through the strengthening and definition of muscles. Many times, it happens that even after a strict diet and a workout routine or vigorous gym sessions, people are unable to get defined or popped out muscles as they would like. So, this treatment is a boon for all those people. 

Who is a good candidate for HyperSculpt, the best non-surgical body sculpting procedure in Delhi?
The ideal candidate for this procedure is someone who is thin or fit and looking for an extra definition in his/her certain body parts. People with ideal BMI who want to lift their buttocks and create an extra definition in the abdomen are ideal candidates for HyperSculpt.


The treatment aims to sculpt the body by toning the muscles and burning fat at the same time. Some of the other factors are also important such as body composition and expectations from the procedure. Hence, all of these parameters are considered before any person is recommended HyperSculpt

How does it work?
The HyperSculpt is based on the Electro-Magnetic Field that focuses on Hyper Maximum Intensity technology that induces supra-maximum muscle contractions. The supra-maximum contractions are the contractions with higher tension than the maximum voluntary contractions. The magnetic field is capable of changing quickly thus inducing electrical currents in the tissue where there are neuronal membranes that are depolarized and motor units in the muscles that are targeted. These muscles are controlled to cause concentric contractions. These effects are highly selective due to their physiological characteristics as this only activates motor neurons. While some of the other neurons or tissues do not respond to the current and therefore, they remain inactive.


Some of the extraordinary Characteristics of HyperSculpt 

  • 3 Tesla Hyper-Maximum Intensity Electromagnetic Field.
  • Efficient cooling for longer treatment.
  • +-20,000 contractions in a 30-minute session. 
  • Developed protocols are there to ensure maximum safety & effectiveness.  

Benefits of HyperSculpt 
    •    The muscle is developed while the fat is also burned
    •    The procedure is a very quick, lunchtime procedure
    •    Spaced treatments give the procedures time to make on each other and produce longer-lasting results.


How long does HyperSculpt take?
The HyperSculpt each session takes a 30-minute treatment on any one of the particular areas. Those who want to work on multiple parts of the body, for example abdominal and the buttock areas will need two 30 minutes sessions. This treatment requires 4 HyperSculpt sessions in 2 weeks to provide optimum results.


What results to expect from HyperSculpt?
According to research, the results are often very positive but the final outcome may vary from person to person. The potential of growth in the muscle’s fibers and also the reduction of the fatty cells in the area treated can be witnessed. This non-invasive treatment has zero downtime. 

To avail the benefits of this non-surgical body contouring treatment in Delhi, please feel free to visit Dadu Medical Centre!

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