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Get glowing, on-trend skin with luminous facials this summer

July 16, 2022 Dr. Nivedita Dadu

Under this facial treatment, highly trained experts exfoliate dead skin. After which the application of personalized serums exclusively according to the type of skin is carried out. These serums are adapted by dermatologists according to the condition of the skin. The best part of the Get set glow facial is that it gives the patient that instant glow on the skin. The treatment effectively provides gentle exfoliating effects. Exfoliation is beneficial in removing any kind of impurities or dead skin on the skin.

Thus, resulting in skin resurfacing and rejuvenation. And ultimately, get glowing, luminous skin. This trendy Get Set Glow Medi facial is an innovation in Derma facials. The main goal of the Get set glow facial is to give you that refreshed, luminous and younger looking skin.

Benefits of Get set glow facial –


Improves skin tone – gentle exfoliation stimulates blood circulation in the skin. This will ultimately help create new cells and slough off dead cells. It helps to provide smoother and much brighter skin tone.


Rejuvenates the skin – the better the blood circulation, the more skin cells will be renewed. This facial treatment is the best option for rejuvenating the skin.


Provides deep hydration – Get Set Glow facial is capable enough to unclog pores and clean skin pores. As we all know, unclogged skin pores cause many skin problems. Keeping pores clean and free from dirt and oil is crucial for healing fragile skin.


● Get Set Glow medi-facial uses a fusion of different enzymes, vitamins and other essential ingredients to help skin rejuvenate and regenerate. It helps nourish the skin and makes it smooth, flawless and glowing.


● Get set glow facial helps reduce buildup on the skin due to environmental factors leading to uneven skin texture and tone.


Side Effects and Downtime After Get Set Glow Facial – No, there are no side effects to getting the Set Glow Facial. The Medi Facial is totally safe and there is no downtime after the treatment. After the facial, always wear sunscreen. Minimal redness may appear on the skin after the treatment, but it disappears after a while.



Ideal candidate for treatment –

They are suitable for everyone as the expert will use skin type specific ingredients to treat the disorder. In this facial, experts can use techniques such as LED therapy, dermaplaning, peelings, micro-currents, microdermabrasion, photo-rejuvenation, etc. A Get Set Glow facial can help get rid of dullness and dryness. It helps to tighten the loose dermal layer to give the face a rejuvenated look. Besides hydrating the skin, it also adds a natural glow and helps the dermal layer fight premature signs of aging. Anyone suffering from fine lines and some blemishes on the skin can opt for this treatment.


This treatment is customized for all skin types of people such as oily, dry or combination skin. The Get set glow facial is suitable for all skin types and is particularly suitable for skin problems such as age spots, acne spots and uneven skin tone. It can be safely done before a party or event. To get the best results from the Get Set Glow Medi Facial, you should repeat the treatment once every 3-4 weeks. And by simply adhering to post-facial preventative measures like applying sunscreen.

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