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How to moisturise your tattooed skin: Dermat shares tips

July 11, 2022 Dr. Nivedita Dadu

Tattoos often make the skin prone to allergies and rashes. Speaking to HT Lifestyle, Dr. Nivedita Dadu, Dermatologist, Founder and Chairman, Dadu Medical Center, said, “Tattooed skin needs different care from the non-tattooed skin. We need to regularly moisturise our tattooed skin with a moisturiser to combat the excessive dryness and injury to the skin.”


Dr Nivedita Dadu further noted down how tattooed skin should be moisturised and how extra care should be taken of it. They are here as follows: 


Moisturising benefits: Regular moisturising of the tattooed skin helps in creating a thin membrane on the skin, which helps in protecting the tattoo. It also helps in generating new skin cells.


Over-moisturising: How much moisturising is too much moisturising? Over-moisturising can result in clogging of the pores and breakouts in the skin. Usually, a thin layer of ointment or lotion to the tattoo area is enough as the tattooed skin needs to breathe as well.


Reduce irritation: “Regular moisturising on the tattooed skin can help to reduce irritation, itching, and scabbing on the tattooed skin. Keeping the skin moisturised makes the tattoos appear brighter. Dry skin reflects light and can make tattoos appear lighter or faded. But if the skin is moisturised properly, it does not reflect light. As long as the skin remains moisturised, the appearance of the tattoo will be greater,” said the Dermatologist.


The ideal moisturiser: Gentle, unscented, and dermatologically tested – three must-haves in an ideal moisturiser. In case of going out to buy a moisturiser, it is recommended to buy an ointment or a lotion as they are good sources of vitamins and minerals for the body as well.


Natural ingredients: “We should always look for moisturiser with natural ingredients. You should moisturise your tattoo 2-3 times a day, which is every 8 – 12 hours a day. The process of moisturising tattooed skin is different for each individual according to the skin type,” Dr Nivedita Dadu further added. She also added that the ideal time to moisturise tattooed skin is in the morning, evening and after taking a shower to stop the drying out.


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